Food Mania Raceway (OFFICIAL EVENT) RESULTS!!!

Space_FetusSpace_Fetus Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
Thank you everyone who took part in this months race!
Just a quick reminder on some of the rules for these events.
If you set a time way faster than anyone else by a few seconds etc it is up to you to prove that it isn't a lag time. If i see a time two seconds ahead for example i am likely to disqualify it!
Secondly if you believe players are cheating by finding exploits on a track that you shouldn't be using. For example getting out of your car or skipping whole sections of the track. It is down to you to prove this in a video or some other way.
I won't always be able to see the crazy exploits when building that someone who races the track for 20 hours will find. So please help me out to keep this fair for everyone.
The same goes for people using them, if you know that the exploit your using is clearly not supposed to work then please don't use them.


The top 10 will receive 25k and the top 20 will earn points on the overall leader board!
LukeKing12 - 51:42
Lopaiko - 51:50
Prenden - 51:61
Kestrels - 51:65
kikileur - 51:72
Pete. - 51:76
Aroma - 51:93
MEEP?! - 51:99
AkshayTG - 52:05
Sandd - 52:10
Vaishu - 52:12
PIXEL GOD - 52:13
Reshiram200210 - 52:17
Spartaboss - 52:19
pmk3107 - 52:21
Filippp - 52:66
Kewbin - 52:76
Jsmoothc - 52:80
QFly - 52:87
edes - 52:95
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