Hello, after discover that i can't report here

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I don't realized that you can report an insult in the discord from cc or with the mods, and RealMinister9 and Hispano just said to me (thank you guys, i think the comments are still here in this discussion). But now, after edit this post, i'm okay...i guess.

I'm new here on the forums, so hello :)

and yeah, their comments are still here xD


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    Not trying to mini-mod but i think you cant post explicit images, it better to DM it to a mod.
  • A game mod will probably see this.

    I did think there was a swearing reports thread but I can't seem to find one.
    If you have discord you can join the cubic castles server and put it in swear reports there.

    Again, not trying to mini-mod as Hispano said but DMing a mod would keep it more private for the children on the forums :) If you go here https://forums2.cubiccastles.com/index.php?p=/discussion/12/staff-list#latest you will be able to see all the active mods and if you select their name it will bring you to their profile for you.
  • ANewWorldANewWorld Member
    thx guys, i just can't find cubic castles' discord, so thx for the help
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