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Welcome to the Easter Art contest!

Some mysterious messages have been appearing in the system messages recently and we need you to draw them!
Pick any of the messages between now and the 18th and illustrate them as best you can.
It can be a single image, a comic or anything you want!


- Only one entry per player
- No copying other players work
- no stealing work from the internet
- Art to be posted in this thread
- You may use more than one mysterious message line for your art!

Previous Posts!

Here are some of the previous ones, for any more you will have to keep an eye in game!
- Dear Bunny Patrol Board: After my year in bunny prison, I am totally reformed now- seriously. - Dr. Slymegood [4/5]
- Of course I would never try to enslave all Qbees. I don't even know that Slymegood anymore. - Dr. Slymegood
- Being the trusting bunnies they are, Dr. Slymegood was released from Bunny Prison on April, 7th 2020. [4/7]
- Meanwhile, Bunnyzilla was working hard, preparing for Easter 2020. His first act was to DOUBLE CUBITS ON ALL PURCHASES. [4/8]
- Unsuspectingly, there was a knock at Bunnyzilla's door. "Special delivery for Mr. Bunnyzilla!" [4/9]
- [4/10/20] : HAHAHAHA Suckers! I have once again captured Bunnyzilla! How dumb can one rabbit be? -Dr. Slymegood
- [4/10/20] Oh and btw, Easter is CANCELLED. The only visit you will get this Easter will be from ME! MUHAHAHA! -Dr. Slymegood
- [4/12/20] : Happy Slyme-Easter, qbees! While in bunny prison, I developed quite a taste for eggs. -Dr. Slymegood
- 4/15/20] : Keep collecting, my little qbees! April 19th is coming soon. Is that some kind of Holiday? -Dr. Slymegood
- You're falling behind, little qbees. The end of Bunnyzilla is near! -Dr. Slymegood [16/04/2020]


Here is an example that totally didnt take me 5 minutes in paint...


The best 5 will win Easter umbrellas!
(Yes the pink and white one)
Due to continued messages being released till the 18th the deadline will be the 30th so every one can take time to pick their favorite!


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