Valentines Building Contest 2020 (OFFICIAL EVENT) RESULTS!!!

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Thank you everyone who entered, we got a ton of entries and i think overall it was quite a positive event so i'm sure we will do more realm sized building events in the future!
The player who owns the rooms for each of the builds will receive the cubits. It is their job to share them with the team.
As usual can people please try and refrain from moaning about the results. Both the judges and players all work very hard on these events, just because you think someone shouldn't have won does not make their work any less than others.


1st - Eiden - 500k

2nd - *JulieSings* - 300k

3rd -Tyndale - 150k

4th - CharmBerryXO - 75k

5th - XiiaoKai - 50k


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    Congratulations to the winners!! There are prize machines with warp leading to these rooms at Whim's Community Market for those of you that want to see the builds up close.
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