A warning AGAIN about Fake Websites and scams

SirKewberthSirKewberth EdenForum Administrator, Forum Moderator, Game Developer
Unfortunately there will always be people who try to steal accounts.

Since it's difficult to steal from players IN the game itself, scammers have taken to doing it via discord/facebook etc...

They use scams that you see on Steam and in other games.

Specifically they give you some excuse to sign into the forums or the game and a link. The link sends you to a FAKE website that LOOKS like a real one or that PROMISES you things like lots of free cubits etc... You then give them your password information when trying to login thinking you're at a real site or the information is needed to get your free cubits.

How to protect yourself

1) Don't ever use links given to you by people outside the game
2) If you do click a link that takes you to a site and it's asking you to login, don't enter your password and account name. Only enter those details when you've typed in the forum URL directly yourself or used your own bookmark.
3) Be suspicious of TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE offers of free cubits or people tempting you to login with "click bait" .. like someone said you're a scammer on the forums LOOK! These are tricks.
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