Sponsored Player Events - Some notes and honourable mentions

SirKewberthSirKewberth EdenForum Administrator, Forum Moderator, Game Developer
Hi All,

I posted some new event sets to vote on for sponsorship as you've probably seen. It's apparent to me that the amount of time required to check which players are who and who is still playing and who might be banned etc... is beyond what I can dedicate so I will not take any new submissions right now. Maybe I'll try to work out a different sponsorship system.

If there are errors or player events where the player is gone or banned etc.. Then the 2nd most voted will get the sponsorship instead. In some cases if the voting is close we may sponsor both leaders.

Lastly in the list there were 2 submitted events from past winners that I think would have an edge in the voting system and beat out other players hoping to get sponsored. In some ways the voting system is not perfect.. which is partly why I want to figure out some different system for sponsored events.

In any case, these 2 events will also be sponsored should they still want to build them.

Title:Deadly Puzzle
Description:Sequel to Just Die! puzzle. Try to find a way to kill yourself in 10 different rooms. Difficulty level rises as u progress.
Win Condition:
Finish all 10 levels - Prize dispenser with wearables at the end of the event
Raffle - 2 options (players vote on poll)
Option 1 - 5 randomly chosen players from guestbumper win 10k each
Option 2 - 10 randomly chosen players from guestbumper win 5k each

CD87's Castle - Prologue
Description: A weird place, a new world. An adventure awaits. This is the introduction of a story, a story tailored by you.
Event type: Parkour, puzzle, adventure and maze.
Win conditions: Many people will win by chance, while some will win with skills. The 1st place winner, who will get 50k, is the one bumping the most guessbooks with the earliest time.


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