The life of a Qbee

Tecnically the starters days are difficult because 40% of the Qbees preffer clean the map and start building... that hard work.... 2 hours work.... but a easy form to do it is finding friends.... i already clean my map.... and now im doing my own workshop (fabric). Reach level 11 is difficult in other acc i was level 18 but.... it was impossible to me reach more.... i already do all the missions.... i finish the last mission... (big mistery) and now i reset and im level 3 right now... wait no,... 4 level 4 right now... We have some block only aviable in story mode.... i want a power block as decoration in my relam :(... but i think who sir.kewbrth wont add a crafteable recipe.... in wiki of cc nothing about power cube.... i told he to do a recipe for that.... im waiting his word... The life of a Qbee is equal like me.... but with a different story and! Without doing this things like talk about the life of a Qbee hahaha ok i dont know why im doing this.... Bye


  • Please sir.kewbrtth if you read this please do a recipe.... and hear other sugerations ... people want a actualization too : ) this is one of the best games who i like personally.... add me : )
  • I will search what means karma especicly in google because i think who karma means bad luck.... let me see :O
  • Omg karma means "action" i get scared hahah if i buy that.... green nameness i will be banned from game? This wiki make me a lot of questions....
  • PartyParty Member
    Ok so for one you won’t get banned using karma lol and try not to multi-post just edit your thread/comments looks like your new to the forums so make sure you check out the rules.
  • heh? If english isn't your first language, could you maybe just use google translate?
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