Valentines Poem Contest 2019 (OFFICIAL EVENT) RESULTS!!!

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Well done to everyone who entered as usual a great selection of entries!
Congratulations to the winners, you all receive wuvva pigs!

Why I Fell in Love With You -bentley317
Why I Fell in Love With You

-Cubic Castles is my place to be-
-All of the players are nice to me-

-In the lobby I made a friend-
-We go on adventures that have no end-

-Our friendship began to grow some more-
-That is when he broke the core-

-He asked me if I’d be his one-
-I said yes, and the relationship begun-

-I get on Cubic Castles everyday-
-In hopes that he never goes away-

-My love is so great for you-
-Your love is so strong and true-

-Everyday I think about you and me-
-It’s like we’re apples in a tree-

-What do I feel about you?-
-Well it’s almost like we’re one not two-

-You have a way of making me smile-
-I have no choice but to stay awhile-

-If I ever doubt you’re love-
-You say that I came from up above-

-You make me feel so strong-
-It’s like nothing will ever go wrong-

-Your love is so pure-
-It is my heart’s cure-

-You make my heart beat so fast-
-I almost always forget my past-

-When I look into your eyes-
-It makes my sun rise-

-You always know what to do-
-That’s why I fell in love with you-

What is love? - JackFury
What is love?

Is love a new item; some clothing that's rare?
Is love a cute toy or a stuffed teddy bear?

Can you buy it with cubits, can you offer a price?
Is it tangible, shiny, or a fancy device?

Will it make you look rich, can you wear it in style?
Can you own it and sell it then after a while?

Does it make you a profit, or some cubits to spare?
Will it go up in value, should you buy 40 shares?

No, love has more value than any new hat,
It gives you a purpose, more valuable than that.

It matters not if you get things that are nice
For real love cannot be bought for any kind of price.

It comes from the heart, and not from the wallet,
It's not superficial, no, it's something more solid.

For objects and items do not matter much;
It's what's in your heart that will define your touch.

The halos, umbrellas, and obnoxious pink pants
Will never bring you the fulfillment love grants.

So do not think "me" and do not think "stuff"
And show love for others, for some have it tough.

They need a kind word, or a hug, or a smile
You can make someone's day in just a short while.

Spend time with your loved ones, in life or in-game,
And show them you care; they'll show you the same.

That is love.

Coke bottle glasses girl - Dsberrypaw
Valentine's is not my favourite season,
And I have quite the reason.
I have no other qbee to talk to,
And every date is a taboo.

I can't walk down the street,
Without women being happy
And men being sweet.

The Cubic Learning Center I had found
And in it a girl, lying on the ground.
I checked her pulse, and to my surprise,
Was a beat, a beat, and she opened her eyes.

Her coke bottle glasses were out of place,
So I pushed them back and touched her face.
We just sat there for a second, we became one
Love at first sight, God's plan was done.

I wasn't alone, and had all I needed,
I was happy, and had proceeded.
The beautiful sunset began to glow,
But she then told me she had to go.

I was taken aback, I didn't know what to do,
I looked at the time, I had to go too.
We smiled at each other, one last stare at her
The world became black, and a dark blur.

Back in my realm, I started to cry
I would never have wanted to say goodbye.
All I could do was mope and weep
And see her in my dreams,
See her in my sleep.

There she was as happy as can be,
Tulips and daisies, as far as one could see.
I stirred in my bed, and awoke to a sight.
She stood over me, shining and bright.

In my realm, was my girl.
I wanted to jump, dance, and twirl.
I collected old wood, and built a table
We ate, laughed, and this is no fable.

In the end, she moved in with me.
We share every day, filled with love and glee.
I'll eventually tell my kids of this time,
When they're older, and know how to rhyme.

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