The Best Realms Of 2018 (OFFICIAL EVENT) RESULTS!!!

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Firstly congratulations to everyone, i enjoyed visiting all of the realms and was very surprised to not see a few great realms nominated that i have seen this year!
I have condensed the race track category in adventures/games and removed the clan category all together as only two of the nominations fit the criteria and rules of the event.
For some of the other category's i have not picked a full 5 because again some of the options did not meet criteria but i have decided to keep the category's because i believe the entries left deserve to stay!
Please take the time to visit all the builds.

EDIT: I have since been told that the additional cubits for the realms have been added instead of the realms themselves for all prize winners.

1st - Complete Darkness - kewbin
2nd - Vurn Valley - CD87
3rd - Aiden's Ruby Course, Aiden's Diamond Course, Aiden's Emerald Course - AidenPlayz
4th -  Co-op Parkour - marshka
 5th - Arid Oasis – sir. pixel

adventure/game realms
1st - Nevarwel's Arcade - Nevarwel
2nd - Hylon's Showdown - medications
3rd - Marshka's Grand Pet Event - Marshka
4th - wii's roleplay city racetrack room - wiimaster980

scenic realms
1st - X-Mas Hotel - Valyreena
2nd - EsTiMaNcE's Private Property - EsTiMaNcE
3rd - Merriwynne - *keyspirits*
4th - the ultimate tube room-Lucaaa795
5th - Duh House of Cats - Intimate

1st - Missilence’s Workshop - Missilence
2nd - The Community Shop – superxtreme
3rd - Medications - Medications
4th - Majestic Vends – kristelleB
5th - zhi zhi shop - x zhi

pixel art
1st - Schourieam – schweetz sadness
2nd - Alex William01's Collection - Alex William01
3rd - Marsh's official Pixel arts - Marshmellos

1st -Anguishire's Farm - Anguishire
2nd - Kitty Empire-Cosmic Farm – honey bomb
3rd - madiandenis - madiandenis
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