Im banned

Dear moderation
Im reportted because i stole crampus
There was all permissions in ,,realm” so i can stole everything yes?
Like one of moderator said
Permissions = giveaway
Really thanks i spend there a lot of time and money :)


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    U said:

    If you picked up something from a realm that is not yours, you are a scammer. No matter if you had permission in the realm or not. The only way it would not be scamming is if they said you could have it.

    Let’s say you walk into a store. You have permission to pick up and get things to buy. But the moment you take the items out of the store without paying or without permission it’s stealing. Now in Cubic Castles you have permission in a realm and decide to pick up everything that person owns. Similar to the store, you don’t have permission to take anything out of the realm (Unless the owner gave you permission). So, the moment you take anything out of that realm you are stealing.

    You need to have a real talk with somebody what stealing is.
  • Noooo its a realm when anyone can Pick we are digging it and someone dropped a crampus i take it
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    Closing. Any disputes with bans can be directed at support.
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