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New to the game/forums?

Just say hello and we'll greet you well. :)


  • RexguyRexguy IdahoMember
    Yes hello I never actually did this on the old fourms but I guess I should now.
    My username is rexguy321
    My faviorite hat is the pilgrim hat.
    I think I've been playing since late September or early October.
    Faviorite holiday in the game is thanksgiving.
    So again hello and I love this new forums.
  • Hi! You have probably seen me running around ingame, doing things :P (well duh) and i am pretty glad we upgraded the forums.. So um... Why Am i still here!?
  • SidddSiddd UKMember, Game Moderator
    Hello everyone :) Welcome to the new awesome forums!
  • HorusHorus EnglandMember, Forum Moderator, Retired Moderator
    Welcome :)

    And you know what's the best thing?
    Your forum accounts have the same names as your characters!
  • Da  LegendDa Legend LebanonMember
    Hey! I like the connection now between the ign and the forum, great job!
  • HorusHorus EnglandMember, Forum Moderator, Retired Moderator
    That was Cosmic's doing ;)
  • Aye everyone!

    Nice to see a change in looks and details in this Forum!

  • *looks around * Nice new forums. :)
  • AshiMagariAshiMagari The internet :PMember
    Just joined the forums! The karma system looks cool. I like how starting a discussion and commenting on one have different 'values' :3
  • Hi everyone >:3
    Also this forum is nicer than before
  • Hi,New Forums,Bye old ones ;)
  • Athena ShyAthena Shy In TheTimMan's arms! Member
    Hello everyone! Loving the new forums. I will be working on moving my important posts from the old one here! :)
  • The 007The 007 PortugalMember
    Hi, mi name is The 007 but you can call me 7, most of my friends do.
    My realm is named: 007 and I love warp food.
    And I'm totally not saying this to get warp food in my donation table, above the entry portal next to the tip piggy and the santa chest. <.< >.>
  • Hello everyone! I'm Skylar.
    I really love the new forums, it looks so nice!
    that was everything I had to say, bye! :D
  • Hello, It's me! A old player but new to this forums. Sem Títulowew
  • edited July 2016
    Hello!!!I am new player at this forums :P
  • CanItBeDoneCanItBeDone The Universe; The Milky Way Galaxy; The Solar System; Earth; North AmericaMember
    Hi, feel free to add me in game if you need anything!
  • TarteTarte Member
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    Hello Qbees! I'm Amberly! AKA Lover Of GUINEA PIGS! I'm in LUV with the new Forums! <3
  • >Gleen<>Gleen< FranceMember
    Hello I'm =MGN=Gleen and people just call me Gleen. I joined the old forum not long before the new forum release.
  • CanItBeDoneCanItBeDone The Universe; The Milky Way Galaxy; The Solar System; Earth; North AmericaMember
    Hello Gleen! Glad to see you here!
  • Hey All, glad to see such a amazing change of the new forums for such a great community. For those of you who don't know already - My main realm (Where you can normally find me in-game) = CubeSensei's Dojo , I am a moderator for cubic castles, if you ever need help with anything just send me a message or use my facebook here = or my Twitter here = , I cannot guarantee I will solve all problems but I will certainly try too!

    More information about me (This can all be found in my office at the Cubic Moderation Offices): I am from the UK and I have a passion for Japanese Designs, I am online generally everyday except Friday [BST Time], I am a Microbiology Student studying at University and like to play games online and watching Sci-Fi/Superhereo Films.

    Thankyou for reading this all, hope to see you all in-game sometime soon :D

  • CanItBeDoneCanItBeDone The Universe; The Milky Way Galaxy; The Solar System; Earth; North AmericaMember
    Hey Cube! Welcome to this new forums!
  • >Gleen<>Gleen< FranceMember
    edited February 2016

    Hello Gleen! Glad to see you here!

    Thank you ^^'
  • hello all *look around* so...bright in here then the other forum..xD
  • The new forums are... tumblr_m6nibek42l1qgs3v1o1_500
  • Hello everyone!
    My name is Perfct, as you can probably see. I am a small level 50, usually seen in populated realms or doing parkor (or at my farm). I've played for a while, I began a few months after the beta launch (I believe, not 100% sure). I love people, so I'm always happy to chat or do something fun! Just send me a forums PM or add me IG. Loving the new forums, thank you Cosmic Cow! Hope to see some of you around!
    Nice to meet you all!
  • lunariscilunarisci 'MuricaMember
    Herro ( o-o)/)
  • Looner's a hero :O
  • Hello Everyone, I'm Itward Ive Been Playing Cubic Castles for awhile. If you want, Send A Friend Request to Itward, God of Reality!!!
  • PerfctPerfct Member
    edited February 2016
    Best name ever right above this comment (Itward)
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