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Cubic Game Master2 has won the Ghost Costume raffle! Next drawing prize is a Krampus Mask!
Cubic Halloween Town judging has come to an end, results are now live!



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  • The towns are now unlocked! Cubits were returned in complimentary piggies.
  • Results have been announced! Bare with us whilst we return all of your Cubits to open up the towns, you will be able to take your blocks back tomorrow morning. :)
  • I do not see any indication of you or your brother being punished at all, it could have been a mistake or a bug. Please do contact our support and they'll look into your account, I apologise for the inconvenience -
  • It is a fair compromise. Those who still cannot accept something that's been done since the game's beginning by half of the forums are free to not look at this thread. Forum games are purely for fun, and most of them are indeed kinda spam, but we do…
    in #BlameHorus Comment by Horus August 10
  • It is actually the standard way of naming such elements, you could call it the "fun" side of web development. Breadcrumbs trace your location on a given website and give you the ability to easily access pages/tabs/"levels" that you came from. Lets…
  • It is the time of University/School/College finals, the shortage is only temporary. Should be better in a few weeks. :)
  • You were able to delete some posts on your wall, but not all. System ones like profile picture changes were untouchable, this is why the need to re-code some permission stuff.
  • I think our current forums does the job well, no reason to change it. There is some adjustments to do, like the Activity wall revamp, or a better Friends system, but overall it's pretty good... best we had so far.
  • Thanks for the translation! :) Announced in Spanish.
  • Sounds very nice! And I feel that there's something new on our Facebook page.
  • This is considered as full-on public shaming, it's just as bad as making a top 25 on people who abuse others. Locking it up.
  • Posts merged and removed, as well as the inappropriate themes. Do NOT joke about such things. Now, as elemental mentioned, contacting our support is the only way to seek a 2nd chance. Locking it up.
  • Yeah it updates the main activity post to the latest comment time, I'll fix that alongside other things like the "show comments" button... but still real busy with all that's going on.
  • I've explained the situation on here - So yeah, lets end it here shall we... and please don't start pointing fingers at people, it's not fair on…
  • There's no news at the moment, so pretty much what Scorto said. BUT, the Easter one is quite overdue so will remove it. New ones will appear when there's something to announce :)
  • Ever wondered if this amount of Ramms is enough? NO! This is why we're giving away 7 more on our Facebook group! - Make sure to like the page for newest updates as well :)
  • Thanks everyone for the feedback! The page has been actively updated the past week, how did everyone like it? If there's any improvements/changes you'd like to suggest, please let us know. :)
  • Sorry about that, tiny mistake in the motd. Prizes will be given out normally after the deadline ends :)
    in   Comment by Horus May 1
  • I really admire your dedication, the amount of detail such things require is enormous. Came out very nice :)
  • Nice work on the Easter realm, I'd advise you to check the Cubic Castles Facebook page ;)
  • Hey @Horus When you do a picture with the new way, when some quote's that thing the picture isnt being quote'd and youll have to look all the way back again to find the actual picture Any way to change that maybe? Thnx in advance! :D Actually, I t…
    in Thanks Horus! Comment by Horus April 25
  • Since it's being handled, locking this up.
  • I will ask you to change your pet name, it is highly inappropriate.
    in Ignore this Comment by Horus April 23
  • It is against our terms of service and basic human decency. Why would you want to name yourself as someone who's responsible for a genocide in the first place? Locking this up.
  • To embed an image instead of an attachment, just click the X next to it, and click the image again. This will give you the code just like the old one.
    in Thanks Horus! Comment by Horus April 21
  • I don't think there is, you are only able to use formatting on your own wall.
    in Thanks Horus! Comment by Horus April 21
  • Yep it's now enabled, and in pm's as well. Found that Vanilla had a great plugin for that. Spoilers are now different, same with picture upload, but old code should still work. I've changed the mobile formatting version from TextEX to full HTML now…
    in Thanks Horus! Comment by Horus April 21