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Currently building a joint realm call Safe Haven with my friend aLizzAy. This will be a large realm open to all and may include a clan room in the future. We are doing all the work ourselves with purchasing cubits.


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Shaanti's Realm
Leveling up my pets
Will make my own in the future.


  • As my eight grade teacher once said: "English was invented as a joke by some drunk guy at a bar" I am happy I was born into it, otherwise I wouldn't even attempt to learn it. LOL! The problem with English is that it incorporates words from other lan…
  • This is only a minor inconvenience but, It's pretty annoying and is a relatively easy to fix by adding maybe a a tiny berry on the corner of it in your inventory/chest like this: This is completely unnecessary. If you click on the item in your in…
  • A veces toma más de un día para recibir una respuesta. Tal vez no tienen nadie en el equips de apoyo que habla español. Si no recibes una respuesta tal vez usar una traslador para escribir tu billete de apoyo puede ayudarte. No sé otra cosa que pu…
  • Say that to my 6c as well, MeHawk If you didn't understand what i said earlier, i said. STUCK IN LIMBO. You will continue to be stuck unless you water your plants. I don’t see why you can’t log in for five minutes to water them. At level 4 you can't…
  • I mean for building, simply use a warp anchor and block it up. If you don't want to talk, tell them. As for mining, if you want alone time, your friends should understand that and leave you be. Good suggestion, but warp anchors don’t always work. I…
  • Yeah. It could be funny too. Imagine a moving car with all those little spiders jumping all over.
  • Honestly, i don’t see the point. It would not be fair to hold a pubic raffle and limit it to certain people. We already have raffles in game. This would be redundant.
  • Good ideas for the Clans.
  • May I ask why jumping is prohibited in clan rooms o-O? Jumping is prohibited because both clan leaders have medical conditions which do no tolerate the visual or the noise of jumping. There is no need for us to become ill because someone can not k…
  • May I ask why jumping is prohibited in clan rooms o-O? Jumping is prohibited because both clan leaders have medical conditions which do no tolerate the visual or the noise of jumping. There is no need for us to become ill because someone can not ke…
  • This has never happened to me. I am on an iPad. Maybe its your device? Did you send a support ticket. I think it is rather rude of you to demand that something be done. Suggesting is one thing, but demanding is rude.
  • I dont understand why you’re having a problem. Doesn’t your device remember your password?
  • I got a cheap Bluetooth keyboard which solves this and many more typing issues. You might want to look into that. I paid $30 vs. the Apple keyboard which is $159.
  • Are you the original owner of the room or do you have perm? I have perm but the owner of the realm is also unable to move the door.
  • This has happened to me before. Simply close the password tab thing and the portal will be removed. If that doesn't work then I think you should contact support. Thanks for the suggestion. If i close the password tab it simply tells me that the pa…
  • It's great knowing that you wish to get that message out but sadly some players who don't use the forums or are young would need to be told in-game... which sucks because it has to happen before you can tell them and most of them would try again....…
  • Finally, english... Edit : Thanks for it, helpful indeed, but why you are making it in tons of languages? And why it is discussion? Ermm my brain... How will non english speakers understand if it is not in their language?
  • Make a door to part of the realm where it is blocked off and only clan members can enter! I don’t understand how this would work. Who is blocking and unblocking the door?
  • thanks all! I hope they see it too! ;)
  • It IS fair. Auctions often have something called a "reserve price" which is the lowest price the seller will accept. If all bids are lower than the reserve, the owner does not have to sell. The reserve price is never revealed to the bidders.
  • I only want to lock part of the realm and have it available for trusteds. Anyone will be able to visit the other rooms.
  • I would consider that not to be a scam per se as you are not forced to buy anything. BUT if they announced they had a specific item, and you can’t buy it without spending money on the ones ahead of it, I would consider that false advertising and I …
  • I'd like music in all mines, not just forest...and I've love for them to be variations on the same theme, but just a different type of music for each. For example... Tropical - Calypso or Beach Music Forest - Country Music Arctic - Inuit (Eskimo) M…
  • Thanks everyone This is most helpful. I really appreciate your help.
  • Thank you, Kurt. Very helpful! :)
  • Maybe I can add some kind of preview button in the store, but my thinking was that even though it's an obviously good idea, most players would be able to hear the songs in the game or in videos like gdog's preview so it might be better to work on ot…
  • Hope this helped, even a bit. :P This is a tremendous help. Thank you so much, Liberated! I had checked You Tube, but don not find this video. Thanks Gdog for the music preview. And thanks SirKewberth for the nice tunes.
  • Welp there goes Pen's Yard Rentals. -1 Note I said above to have drop available in your own realm.
  • Right! I forgot about those. Maybe then set it to on,y drop in your own realm. Donation tables could be set with a dontate option similar to trade.
  • I think English is one of the easiest languages to learn , idk why . English is easy in first step, just...'s another story to handle properly. So yes Shaanti, i may need your help sometimes and appreciate much your proposition. I may send …