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  • Post here with evidence
    in **Doggy** Comment by gdog July 18
  • Lot 18 is here. 1500 for 3 Stripey Tents :o
  • Hmm, not sure why it isnt saving that info for you. You might be able to do a fix yourself for this right now. If you are on windows goto c:/users/(your user name)/appdata/roaming/cubic Open up the connection CFG file there as a text document. Right…
    in Save bug Comment by gdog July 15
  • Yeah use the thread posted above when he is taking orders or pm him. Closing
  • No it'll be a fake blue course. Try and go back there and type /owner and post a screenshot and post in here Also to avoid further warning please don't swear/use curse w…
    in Scam Comment by gdog July 14
  • That's not how steam trading cards work in free to play games. You get 1 every $9 you spend. This is valve policy and can't be changed. I'm all for trading cards. My steam level is 168. I have 1145 emotes…
  • He's talking about UI (User Interface)/HUD (Head-Up Display). Yeah not seen this. Would be nice to be able to replicate. I'm sure a reboot of the game would solve it.
    in No hud Comment by gdog July 13
  • I removed it for you. There is a stickied topic on this already
  • Please wait for support to reply to your email. Also please don't mass multipost.
  • Wait for them to reply to you via email. Could be a day or 2.
  • You don't need to be making a quote thread everyday. Either make a single thread or use the activity feed. Thanks. Closing
  • You best off contacting support here
  • [spoiler] [/spoiler]
  • Only thing he can do is contact support when he gets the time
  • Yeah ware and other who mentioned that section of the rules, I've always been aware of that. I mean that rule wasn't intended for these kinds of things right? It's mainly for people either selling cubits for real cash or trading cubits for say world…
  • Been suggested a lot. The best place for this to go is in kewberth need thread here Closing
    in A new option Comment by gdog July 6
  • Sony Vegas is what most people use to edit, me included. Altho it is pretty expensive unless you know where to look. If you have a newer nvidia gpu shadowplay comes bundled with that. You didn't specify what gpu you have tho. Failing that dxtory …
  • Yeah just the timing is ridiculous for pc players. I spend loads in the steam summer sale and would've definitely participated in this. Alas anyone on steam right now has empty wallets due to literally 1000s of games being on for the past 2 weeks.
  • Yeah pretty terrible idea to do this at the end of the steam summer sale with no heads up or warning. They could've started with everyone else and done the sale for the full period like all other games on steam. Now the majority of steam users will…
  • There’s been a double deal every summer so far, I wouldn’t like to see that streak broken.. Has there? As far as I remember it's only ever been black friday-cyber monday.
  • tell me exactly what is this mine? Its been picked clean.
  • Get screenshot and either pm a mod or post in the community discord. Thanks
  • We already have methods for reporting swearing. PM a mod or Post in the community discord We don't want those images being shown on these forums as young people do use these forums. Closing.
  • I think it's fine as is. Will add a lot of realism to certain builds. It's a unique it too. How many healing type blocks do we have? 2 and the wand right. So that definitely adds value imo. End of the day if you don't like it, don't buy it. I perso…
  • Please pm a moderator screenshot if they are offensive or post in the community discord under swearing reports.
  • If you have a report with swearing in please pm a moderator or post in the discord swearing reports.
  • I'll pm you the screenshot where you definitely said something inappropriate. Closing.
  • Or maybe a half price sale, so I can afford one c: But yeah, double cubit sale ftw! I have already suggested this: and cosmic said that it wasnt possible because they need to update the app, change the prices of the store, have to get the permissi…
  • Definitely not an admin. Staff will never ask for your username or password or help with scams.
  • Definitely a scam. Do not give them any information.