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Might Be Inactive Quite A Bit Due To College And Having To Focus More On My Studies.


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  • Princeirwin
    hello, I'm noob. How do you make a pm for us to talk through?
    March 2
  • The Awesome Dude
    I remember when you were just a noob. Now you're this master of clans, leading thousands. Goddamn, my dude. Goddamn.
    February 22
  • Might Be Inactive Quite A Bit Due To College And Having To Focus More On My Studies.
    January 18
  • Merry Christmas!
    December 2017
  • [InSstep]
    Hi all
    Do you really Assassin once belong to your clan but not anymore in your clan people?
    mlg all plz
    December 2017
  • Halfway through my exams xD Math and science are left to go :D
    November 2017
  • Dubby Pup 899 Yt
    November 2017
  • Maziar 1382
    Hi all
    Bye all
    August 2017
  • =SirArchAngel=
    Dude, I sent you a friend request in CC so I could join your clan.
    August 2017
  • Exams In The Next 4 Days. If I'm Online I Will Most Likely be Afk In The Assassin's Clan Shop (Eden Vending Realm)
    May 2017
  • Help us get a new clan update here >

    We need as much support as we can get, don't ignore this xD
    June 2017
    • valley
      Not holding back, we need this if we want better, organised and funnier clans. +1000
    • valley
      oops I meant more fun*
  • >Lollipop< was wrongly banned. a scammer created a fake >lollipop< and the staff punished the real lolli. Is this fair?
    May 2017
    • lucaaa795
      Mods did nothing wrong...Blame the system for making i look like l when caps are used..
      Moderators did their job - and i appreciate that - , however the system allowed that guy to use some caps on some letters to create a "similar" account.
      So,it might not be fair,but we can't really do anything...
      C'est la vie
    • Stevenlol
      I'm pretty sure the mods received a lot of reports from the report system and they thought it was lollipop, it's not the mods' fault that they don't know if it's a i or l
    • Mr. Penguin
      Mr. Penguin
      Take this example:

      ThisIsNotSlim - I used a capital i
      ThislsNotSlim - looks exactly the same yet I used a lower case L not the cap i
  • Anyone know of a challenging parkour? I have been a bit bored lately and school term starts in 11 hours.
    April 2017
    • AidenPlayz
      Try there courses from me;
      Aiden's Fancy Course!
      Aiden's Golden Course 2
      (You can find there here:Aiden's List Of Courses
    • Yakroo
      Try Redwood's Courses
    • Space_fetus
      head over to hinters amusements there is a whole parkour section ranging in difficulty
    • Assassinations
      Done em all already D:
  • Today I found out that one of my teachers is in a 'Melodic Death Band'...
    May 2017
  • AJ Baryza
    Nice profile picture :0
    April 2017
    • Assassinations
      Thank you, Rightmaker made it for our clan logo, so I used as profile pic xD
    • Croubict
      Finally you changed your profile picture.
      My dreams come true Xv
    • AJ Baryza
      AJ Baryza
      *slap croubict*
    • Assassinations
      Hmm I may remove it...xD
    • AJ Baryza
      AJ Baryza
      Nooooo dont x.x -burn assasonation-
    • AJ Baryza
      AJ Baryza
      Assasination* lolz typo
    • Assassinations
  • Offline for a while, i have a lot of tests and assignments due in the next few weeks D:
    March 2017
  • Vallyn
    Sup... nice to see you here nations XD
    February 2017
    hey! welcome to the forums! :D
    October 2016
  • *JulieSings*
    nice to see you on the forums ^^
    August 2016
  • Come Join The Assassins Clan!

    We are expanding our empire fast!

    Ask Me, Lumpy Cuduping_4717, Tf2 Medic, magentaghost, Ellen2003 and maybe more to be recruited.

    We have our own clan forums located at .
    May 2016