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Pickles2001's realm/in memory of my grandmother
A pickle
Playing cc, reading, drawing sometimes, collecting pickles! Of course
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  • 4.5k notification
    October 15
  • Xx_TPM258_xX (Mudkip)
    October 15
  • =mgn=nightfang
    October 11
  • I just discovered that I know the forumer turnovus in real life XD he goes to the same school I do
    October 10
  • im going to enjoy sitting in the town center listening to the cubic town center speaker ^_^
    though i havent been able to sit in the town center lately.... i need to make plans to
    October 9
  • And the award for the stupidest ban goes to a player named shaanti... Freaking banned me for hopping...
    She says and i quote "pickles your being banned for hopping"
    Wow. Just cruel... Banned for having pjs.
    That just really made my day worse.
    October 4
    • IcyTamTam33$PUPPY
      Well there ARE stories about people getting banned for saying hi.. lol
      Maybe she didn’t like the noise or you were leaving and entering the realm :P
      Anyhow im sorry that happened but don’t let something like that ruin your day :)
    • =SirArchAngel=
      Then she just better urn off jer volume XD
  • ok somethings definately wrong with my last active thing on my profile... i am clearly using the forums right now no? so why does it say october 4th if that was yesterday? am i the only one that sees the last active date as yesterday?
    October 5
    • *insane*
      Last Active 2:03AM
      isnt it supposed to show me in my time zone? its 8pm now for me
    • Pickles2001
  • tommorow i get to go on a field trip to harpers ferry!!
    October 5
  • i look back at all ive done in another game i play called poptropica. and wish. i could fully complete all islands. unfortunately, they require membership, which i cannot buy... all these years as a kid.. its been my dream to become a member and complete all bonus quests...
    October 3
  • wait a second... my profile says last active october 2nd... what in the heck is going on here. if that refers to in game i was just on today
    October 3
    • -Gundam-
      I thiiiiink it refers to the forums
  • check out my new suggestion i made! might benefit a lot of iphone users
    October 2
    September 29
  • i gave up on farming when i ran out of seeds to plant... my farm is just a small simple row of the starter items havent gotten better soil due to its expensiveness... darned this economy messes me up... XD
    September 28
  • I had a strange dream last night about mouse pets in cubic castles o.o
    September 26
    •   Ed
      Rats in a box yes pls!
    • Pickles2001
      my dreams are weird
  • blender is fun xd
    September 26
  • would i be allowed to make a forums account for my other alt?
    to use on multiple devices?
    September 20
  • I feel left out with all of ccs facebook contests XD i wish thyd post more often on their instagram account... Last post made on ig by cc was about the black friday sale i think
    September 20
    • Lightosphere
      Maybe they need to make the social media events more balanced, for example:
      First week : Facebook event,
      Some weeks after the previous : Instagram event,
      Weeks after the previous : Forums event and so on.
    • Pickles2001
      well they havent made a post on instagram since the black friday of 2016... hasnt been updated since
  • jad kheirallah

    no no i wasnt stalking you
    no dont mind the picture names
    September 19
  • One day im gonna be on that show jeopardy...
    I just impressed my mother by answering a fianl jeopardy question involving the grammies and the first singer to win a award for two years. The answer:adele(first singer that came up in my mind) im bound for jeopardy ^_^ i love the show i impress my moter all the time by answering e questions that even she doesnt know the answer to
    September 13
  • It is with the most sincere regret that inform everyone that pegaming no longer has access access to cc. These past months as a few of you may know, his account was "hacked into" everything was stolen, his outfit, his pets, any rares worth salvaging in his storage. It was later discovered by a friend of his that the hackers name was hax0r9925. I was told by pegaming in growtopia recently that as of now all his accounts tied to his ip were all banned(to prevent any further attempts of logging in by hax0r, and now he is unable to play cc. Though he says he doesnt care about it since he technically quit i know most of his friends miss him(they all tped to him when his account was hacked by haxor). I was told by pe also that his player was using pes account to build some very inappropriate things... I contacted support to make sure they knew about the guy and him hacking pes account and they locked pes account and eventually i guess banned his other accts. Just wantin to notify you all ^_^
    September 12
  • Its a shame yknow. My school can unblock instagram, but god forbid we unblock games like cubic castles or growtopia and all that
    September 12
  • Next drawing proze soon to be announced.... Interesting
    September 6
  • Too bad nobody wants 20k sticks for a farm animal. I would totally trade all my sticks for a farm animal
    September 6
    • Uncetic
      I don't know if that adds up.
  • 3307 notifications :P yey
    August 28
    • -Gundam-
    • _DaPerson_
      How can you resist not pressing the icon for so long.
    • *JulieSings*
      2.3k :p
    • OrangeTail
      6,761 o.o
    • Pickles2001
      Alternatively the notifications will show up once they are activated(popups will appear telling you)
    • lucaaa795
      10k baby
    • Aj BaRyza
      Aj BaRyza
      7270 notif
  • Im starting to question jads profile... How is it that it says hes banned. But yet... He made a post on september 2nd... And was last active at 2:02am... This is bizaa
    September 3
    • *JulieSings*
    • Aj BaRyza
      Aj BaRyza
    • Professional Killer
      Professional Killer
      Probably shows when he last checked the forums, despite the ban. I don't think that being banned affects the last active thing.
    • Pickles2001
      Weird the. Hwow was he able to make a post on a thread on september 2nd 0-0
    • Professional Killer
      Professional Killer
      I believe he got banned on September 2nd as well, so he could have highly posted before his ban.
  • I freaking hate my wifi its making me multipost now.
    August 27
    • Professional Killer
      Professional Killer
      Could just edit the message and say you multiposted accidentally due to internet connection, I believe they won't be taken as multi posts.
    • Pickles2001
      Meh by now everyone should know im not a multiposter
    • xXBad WolfXx
      xXBad WolfXx
      -believes Pickles is a multiposter-
    • Jerrynana123
      -believes bad wolf is misspelled and meant to be evil wolf-
  • Forums right now: buncha spam complaining about the long delay XD meanwhile immstuck here at school XD
    August 23
  • =SirArchAngel=
    Who here sees Pickles2001 everyday in the lobby? I do...
    August 15
  • =SirArchAngel=
    Who here likes chalcedony? Its a family of gems that are smooth and opaque. Like lapis, jasper, malachite, opal, etc.
    August 13
  • I only recently just now finished breath of the wild. And boy is there alot i have to say about it. The storyline is touching, the fact that youve awakened 100,000 years after hyrule was completely destroyed is just amazing... The memories too are funny and depressing. Especially with zelda. I highly recomend this game to those who love legends of zelda games. Its amazing. 10/10
    August 11
    • Space_fetus
      got one divine beast to go!
    • Pickles2001
      When in dobt throw bombs the whole time xd they do little damage but its still worth a shot
    • -Gundam-
      Zelda is my favorite game line .... But I don't have a switch ;-;
      And I sold my Wii U something like a month before Bow was announced ;-;