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Danmachi has won the Ram Kennel! Next up is a Wuvva Pig Kennel!


I opened my forums and looked for the results of the true love parcour event and noticed I won one of the pigs! :D


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Pickles2001's realm/in memory of my grandmother
A pickle
Playing cc, reading, drawing sometimes, collecting pickles! Of course
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  • i failed the contest... i couldnt find good supplies
    November 2017
    • Elemental god
      Elemental god
      If you mean the building contest.... you could have just asked me for some stuff
  • wheres that cubic castles clan in clash of clans? i wanna join
    November 2017
  • Dang I can’t build a pumpkin for the contest :(
    October 2017
  • want to play a dark escape game series?
    i highly reccomend playing the cube escape series... its so dark... are filled with mystery and death!
    October 2017
  • to do list: get lots of orange, green, and block pixel blocks
    October 2017
  • congratulations wiki spammers. youve halted the continuation of new items being added to wiki so people know whats new... how does that make you feel....
    October 2017
    • Piratax10
      actually, spammers usually get proud on this type of reaction (edits blocked temporarily), they are like terrorists, that have the objective of scaring the people...
    • jad kheirallah
      jad kheirallah
      Pickles is
      T R I G G E R E D
  • hey if anyone needs the new plasms just visit me... i get alot of them in my realms, treble in my main, chill in my pixel art room, and sometimes i get grim in my collection room
    October 2017
  • When will parents come to a point and realize “ hey my child’s in school right now, maybe I shouldn’t be texting them nonstop at the most inconvenient times” we are at risk of getting our phones taken away by our teachers, all because they feel the utter desire to text us in school”
    October 2017
    • lucaaa795
      Silent mode.
    • LiteRary
    • jad kheirallah
      jad kheirallah
      Ever heard of air plane mode?
    • iCantiWill
      Ever heard of myob
    • jad kheirallah
      jad kheirallah
      Yes but you didn't
    • xXBad WolfxX
      xXBad WolfxX
      Maybe they KNEW you were in class and they wanted to make sure you weren't on your phone (and not paying attention) so they spammed you so you would lose your phone O-O
    • Reaper Bear
      Reaper Bear
      silent? off? lol? :P
    • pickles2001
      Boi I keep my phone on silent all da time but my mother expects me to reply whenever I get a text from her. Turned my phone off once to save power next thing i know I get -insert my name here- I told you never to turn do not disturb on you hear me”
  • jad kheirallah
    Orange2001 :v
    October 2017
  • according to google, homework was created by some teacher long ago to punish his students for misbehaving...
    yet we still have it today? s this truly considered a punishment to students in school?
    October 2017
    • Siddd
      I believe it's more to do with taking away freedoms, keeping kids off the street and limiting creative thought :)
    • Space_fetus
      i thought it was free food for your pets and encouragement to recycle
    • Siddd
      Haha! I like it, you may be on to something there...
    • pickles2001
      according to google this is what google says:
      The creator of homework is identified as Roberto Nevilis. He invented homework in 1905 as a punishment for his students.
    • Bluejay_1
      Homework: Keeps kids from bumper shining :D
    • pickles2001
      homework: a part of your dogs nutricious breakfast!!!
    • Pennywise
      Homework: Ment to torture us humans for the rest of our eternity
    • Kokopelli
      Not exactly fitting but MATH, Mental.Abuse.To.Humans
    • chewbaccaisfunny
      I like math o3o
    • Yakroo
      U bring it at home but do it at school the next day, am i right? Haha
    • The Death Reaper
      The Death Reaper
      and copy others ^
    • AJ BaRyza
      AJ BaRyza
      true true ^
  • i should start on my pickle collection again ive been forgetting to update for a while now...
    October 2017

  • Yusss a Star Wars movie about Han Solo!!! So excited!!!
    October 2017
  • 4.5k notification
    October 2017
  • Xx_TPM258_xX (Mudkip)
    October 2017
  • =mgn=nightfang
    October 2017
  • I just discovered that I know the forumer turnovus in real life XD he goes to the same school I do
    October 2017
  • im going to enjoy sitting in the town center listening to the cubic town center speaker ^_^
    though i havent been able to sit in the town center lately.... i need to make plans to
    October 2017
  • And the award for the stupidest ban goes to a player named shaanti... Freaking banned me for hopping...
    She says and i quote "pickles your being banned for hopping"
    Wow. Just cruel... Banned for having pjs.
    That just really made my day worse.
    October 2017
    • IcyTamTam33$PUPPY
      Well there ARE stories about people getting banned for saying hi.. lol
      Maybe she didn’t like the noise or you were leaving and entering the realm :P
      Anyhow im sorry that happened but don’t let something like that ruin your day :)
    • =SirArchAngel=
      Then she just better urn off jer volume XD
  • ok somethings definately wrong with my last active thing on my profile... i am clearly using the forums right now no? so why does it say october 4th if that was yesterday? am i the only one that sees the last active date as yesterday?
    October 2017
    • *insane*
      Last Active 2:03AM
      isnt it supposed to show me in my time zone? its 8pm now for me
    • pickles2001
  • tommorow i get to go on a field trip to harpers ferry!!
    October 2017
  • i look back at all ive done in another game i play called poptropica. and wish. i could fully complete all islands. unfortunately, they require membership, which i cannot buy... all these years as a kid.. its been my dream to become a member and complete all bonus quests...
    October 2017
  • wait a second... my profile says last active october 2nd... what in the heck is going on here. if that refers to in game i was just on today
    October 2017
    • Qbird
      I thiiiiink it refers to the forums
  • check out my new suggestion i made! might benefit a lot of iphone users
    October 2017
    September 2017
  • i gave up on farming when i ran out of seeds to plant... my farm is just a small simple row of the starter items havent gotten better soil due to its expensiveness... darned this economy messes me up... XD
    September 2017
  • I had a strange dream last night about mouse pets in cubic castles o.o
    September 2017
    •   Ed
      Rats in a box yes pls!
    • pickles2001
      my dreams are weird
  • blender is fun xd
    September 2017
  • would i be allowed to make a forums account for my other alt?
    to use on multiple devices?
    September 2017
  • I feel left out with all of ccs facebook contests XD i wish thyd post more often on their instagram account... Last post made on ig by cc was about the black friday sale i think
    September 2017
    • Lightosphere
      Maybe they need to make the social media events more balanced, for example:
      First week : Facebook event,
      Some weeks after the previous : Instagram event,
      Weeks after the previous : Forums event and so on.
    • pickles2001
      well they havent made a post on instagram since the black friday of 2016... hasnt been updated since
  • jad kheirallah

    no no i wasnt stalking you
    no dont mind the picture names
    September 2017