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Hmmmm Calling All Noob Players Of 2015 & 2016(or 1yr/more players), I Wonder How Many Will Comment :p


Somewhere In The Milky Way
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Yakroo's Realm(Cuz I Accidentally Pressed OK)
40 Deco 1(Lost 234) Riku Is Lvl 16(Pumpkie) Lvl 4 Farmer Murdered 2 Crops
Classified ;)
Hope's Peak Academy(HPA)


  • Hmmmm Calling All Noob Players Of 2015 & 2016(or 1yr/more players), I Wonder How Many Will Comment :p
    November 14
  • Once A Noob, Always A Noob
    November 12
  • =NOH=Kingshane9007
  • Anyone else miss parkours & mazes?
    October 17
  • * Ciel Phantomhive *
  • Take me back to when
    I found my heart, and broke it here
    Made and lost them thru the years
    And ive not seen rhe roaring fields in so long
    I know ive grown, i cant wait to go home
    May 5
  • Howdy Stranger ;)
    June 14
  • * Ciel Phantomhive *
    Hi, I'm Jeff from the Overwatch team.
    August 11
  • =SirArchAngel=
    Anybody here had stomach flu three times in a row? I know I did....
    August 17
  • *JulieSings*
    August 14
  • Diarrhea pls leave me alone T-T
    June 11
  • Something is wrong with the left phalange!
    June 29
    • -greycoralking-
      That is why you don't stick your fingers into rotating fans >:O!
  • Aj BaRyza
    CC Band! XD
    July 5
  • When I Was A Young Boy...
    June 28
  • Thank You Cubic Castles Facebook For Giving Me 10k Cubits, 9K Likes! Keep It Up! ツ
    June 21
  • Shool :3
    June 6
  • Who won May Raffle? :P
    June 3
  • Pray For Marawi
    May 25
  • I might consider quitting forums, just the negative vibe of this arrow feud disappoint me seeing forumers should be focused on the game and events, seeing this makes me cringe like why are they being immatue and disrespectful to a 3yrs meme of a guy who actually made the 2nd forums, cant he have just that? Sheesh im a positive person i dont really complain or rant, do peeps want to remember cc as the arrow down meme? I "had" respect to the active and old forumers but seeing them right now makes me sigh...
    Im sorry if im offending some, this is just my opinion.
    May 20
    • Swissy Dreamer
      Swissy Dreamer
      Oh, I didn't know that, napolitan
      I only changed the my profile to the down arrow because it seem fun, dont know if it was actually a protest or some sort, napolitan
      Iam sorry if i was acting immature, sometimes i can be an idiot, napolitan. Try rethinking, sometimes the forum can be dumb since most of the game are played by children, napolitan. Some of the forum users might be children too, napolitan
      hope you change your mind, napolitan
    • Aj BaRyza
      Aj BaRyza
      I agree with swissy ^
    • Thuggie
      Idk the down arrow meme . I just like up arrows. And just like every comunity, cc has some weaknesses. But I've seen so much worse. So cc isnt that bad
    • Mr. Penguin
      Mr. Penguin
      I'm laughing.
    • lucaaa795
    • Jadabug
      Idk anything about this arrow feud at all, I'm actually an arrow in real life.
    • Yakroo
      Lets see if u can laugh when karma gets u, and luca even tho u said bye i know that youre just protecting ur friend and i respect that, no hard feelings to lucanub :)
    • Tumbleweed
      I know exactly when you mean, Yakroo. The forums and game have gptten so toxic, it's unbelievable. I would never have guessed it would have gone far enough as to players changing their profile pics to protest.
    • KingHippoHello
      The fact that you're quitting over some (dumb, I must agree) banter is honestly hilarious. This isn't anywhere near toxicity. You guys just see a bunch of very vaguely humored children and see it as cringy, and label it toxic. If you don't like it, fine. But I wouldn't want anyone here that gets triggered over a joke. That's just my opinion.
    • Yakroo
      I was ok with the pics at first, but then Peng changed his status and then snap, its not only me that got annoyed btw
  • I am not the only one that is getting a negative vibe in forums right now...
    May 20
  • I miss positive vibes...
    May 19
  • Gotta drive it like you stole it! WooHooHoo!
    May 14
  • tamahome
    Hello yakroo!
    May 5
    • Yakroo
      Hi tama, u still stuck at finding server? :v
  • Lightosphere
    Hi Yak :v Btw I didn't make those forum games I just copied it from old forum.
    May 4
    • Yakroo
      Its still a nice gesture that u brought it here :P
  • Im still proud of getting 100 eggs hehehe
    May 2
    • Aj BaRyza
      Aj BaRyza
      1000 not 100 xP
      Yeah in proud gettiNG 1000 egg for a balloon xD. Yeee hehhee
    • Yakroo
      Nope, i really got one hundred eggs cuz my balloon whispered to me that she will murder any balloons that will replace her... i know its scary but she is right hehehe
    • Royale King
      Royale King
      Your balloon was a girl? o.o
      She once whispered to me "I am Yakroo's Novelty Servant. Please don't pop me. Or else I will use my manly sound powers on you."
      I always thought she was a guy. o.o
  • Miwky
    One day I will pay you :P mark my words!!!!
    April 30
    • Yakroo
      Nope u r banned and forever banned at my realm muhahaha
    • Miwky
      I have minions :P you better watch out for them.
    • Yakroo
      Gonna make my realm to "Only Friends" can enter. HA!
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 ☆_☆
    April 26
    • Aj BaRyza
      Aj BaRyza
      I see the trailer ☆_☆
    • Royale King
      Royale King
      I watched it in the cinema.
      My Lord. It's Beautiful.
  • When u bite the gums of ur cheeks D:
    April 24
    • Royale King
      Royale King
      It becomes an ulcer too x.x
    • IcyTamTam33$PUPPY
      Even reading this makes me shudder. It's really horrible :P
  • Croubict
    Hi! :v:v:v
    April 11
  • Nerry
    Yak Lee Shoe.
    April 8
    • Yakroo
      I Wear Rocket Boots ;)
    • SilverDash
      I have water walking boots:P