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Captain Claw


Captain Claw
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Hrvat's realm, The Main Square, Interstellar Race Track, Avenue Mall, Sky Pirates Main Dock
Piano, Programming/Coding, Playing Cubic Castles
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  • Tumbleweed
    I've abandoned you again! D:
    September 25
  • Hi my friends and acquaintances!

    I am notifying and/or explaining why
    I wasn't online in a while.
    WARNING /!\: This MAY or MAY NOT
    include violent content ;)

    The answer is very simple: School.
    This year I'm enrolling into the best
    IT college here in Cro and there is a
    TON of studying ahead of me. I won't
    be online for days, but I'll appear here
    and there. Maybe I will teleport you.
    If you want to meet me or talk or
    anything alike, try messaging me
    over discord (Captain Claw#3274).
    I will most likely be online for holiday
    events such as Halloween, Thanksgiving
    etc. but everything else I will be doing
    in-game will mostly be routine checks
    and farming. I hope it clears it up
    for a part of players.

    Thanks for understanding!
    September 4
  • SilverDash
    Why is your event room so hard ;-;
    August 30
    • Geezer
      Cos he claws away at your time ;D
    • SilverDash
      That was terrible geezer :P
    • Geezer
  • Tumbleweed
    He's arrived!
    August 7
  • Sir. Jigsaw
    *slap*.. ok i feel bad now *pets you* :3
    June 22
  • Does anyone like my fisherman outfit? :)

    June 14
    • medications
      Just wait a few days to release the fishing rod ;)
    • *Riley*
      I have one fish hat
    • DsBerrypaw
      You mean the *fish. Fish does not have a plural :P
    • CreepuB
      It good too 10/10 good job good suit very
    • -greycoralking-
      I can't quite place my finger on it but something about this photo just seems....fishy.
    • Tumbleweed
      Berrypaw, yes it is "fishes".
      Fishes = a bunch of different types/species of fish
      Fish = all the same species of fish (a bunch)
      I believe that's right
    • Tumbleweed
      lol idk why I am correcting everyone's spelling recently
    • DsBerrypaw
      No no no!!!!! Where are you from, mate! A fish is a fish is a fish. They are all fish, different species or not. "Fishes" is not a word XD.
    • DsBerrypaw
      Well, as a present tense verb, you could say "TumbleWeed fishes along the dock every day"
      But not as a noun! Even if you look it up, "fishes" is not the plural. Fish is. We in Canada speak ENGLISH. Jk, I understand you all do as well.
    • iKONIC
      Am I in school .-.
    • JackFury
      Ok but Berry it seems to be lost on you that he's speaking like a pirate or weathered fisherman. You can't count on them for proper grammar. If you imagine him saying it in the stereotype pirate voice, it makes more sense :)
    • 'Sir.Fox'
      Fishes is what it is supposed to be, people such as scientists say fishes. But over time people have thought it is fish and started saying that, like people saying "I swam a lap" when its supposed to be "I swum a lap"...
    • Captain Claw
      Captain Claw
      Um people, I think you didn't get the message. So far only 3 people answered my questions and the rest... I went to school too you know! xD
    • Tumbleweed
      Thank you Sir Fox >:3 heheh. And the pic is awesome! I love the timed wand waving, like a fishin' rod. :D
    • Captain Claw
      Captain Claw
      Boy you can't believe me how inpatient I am! I need that rod! >:O
    • Tumbleweed
      I hope rhe rod is soon, I want it too >:O
    • DsBerrypaw
      No no no no no *shakes head vigorously*. Whatever.
  • Captain Claw changed their profile picture.
    May 12