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I'm Bored Anyone Want do Anything with me?


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Mami's Vend
cc locked my acc :(


  • I'm Bored Anyone Want do Anything with me?
    February 15
  • Kindest and best friends was with me in cc
    1. All mods
    2. "lolo"
    3. Funny30
    4. -joystick-
    5. Assassinations
    6. ArcDragon
    7. *The_Darkness*
    And there is alot more if anyone i forgot his name please don't be sad
    February 9
  • please unlock my accounts i want play cc :((( iam gonna cry please pleaseeee mabz and all cc admins thats not reason to lock my acc bec my brother tryed to open people accs from my device please unlock me and u can lock my brother : ={CubicAngelo}=
    February 9
    • Alex William01
      Alex William01
      If you arent perma banned and someone else gave you a perma banned account then you should contact support for help
    • LiteRary
      Contact support, send a ticket, they'll reply you
    • *Dark_Killer*
      i already contacted but they won't return it back :( i want to kill my brother bec..he did that but i won't do that bec it's a game and if it was real thing i would kill him :(
  • ok ok cc locked that account to me and i said ok when they won't open it again i made new acc and saved my first 10k and made it level 10 then they lock it too why??

    This is an injustice
    February 8
  • lucaaa795
    If your game gets stuck at "starting screen" then there is a chance that you are permanently banned.
    Contact support for more details...
    January 28
    • *Dark_Killer*
      no i didn't get that bec...I'm good and was playing from few hours ago
  • Hello!Help!if u remember the contest on facebook!!? where and how i upload it here :/ ??
    January 9
    • NoeNt
      You can upload it in the Official Thread Made by Space_fetus