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CubiPets, Its gelo, im vietanh, Jiessy_Music, and Kipsegenkittygirlds4641 all won the super raffle and got Halos! Next raffle will be as usual with one winner, and the Dragon Pet as a prize.


I am feeling sleep and it is not even eleven. Why body are you betraying me! I just need to go to sleep but I don't wanna wahhh :O:.


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  • xXAngelGamerXx
    I remember that moment I was playing a game and I was making a game, I used the milk bottle and it glitched, I said: WHY MILK? YOU SAVED ME WHEN I ATE SPICY MACARONI AND I HAD A RED FACE!!
    August 15
  • Can we just admire the beauty of this adorable hedgehog that belongs to Space Fetus. I am not worthy to gaze upon the cuteness :O:!

    August 5
    • -greycoralking-
      Thank you Space Fetus for getting a super adorable snapshot, Thistle is love, thistle is life!
    • *JulieSings*
    • BigPumpkin
      he is fluffy and he shall be mine.
    • AJ BaRyza
      AJ BaRyza
      too cute e.e
    • xXAngelGamerXx
      Cute! The eyes though...
    • -greycoralking-
      Are you talking about how his eyes are like little red candy drops! The cinnamon hard candy here called Red Hots...those eyes are not of satan, they are the windows to Candy Land.
    • xXAngelGamerXx
      Magic! :3
  • I am feeling sleep and it is not even eleven. Why body are you betraying me! I just need to go to sleep but I don't wanna wahhh :O:.
    August 14
    • chocolatecreampuff
      I feel your pain Dx
    • Yakroo
      Its 3:30am and i have classes at 7 and im sleepy but its my bday, i dont wanna feel old, im hip and fab!
      But still and forever a proud noob ♨
  • August 8
  • When you get owned by an admin, more savage than a honey badger.
    August 4
  •   Angel
    You're an awesome friend that any person and or qbee could ever have! :3
    November 2016
  • Here is a final goodbye. I was thinking about how what transpires around me I have no control and if anything did happen to me in that moment I would feel sadness. Sadness I did not get to say goodbye because CC is more than just a game and you all are much more than strangers sitting at another computer screen. You all have become my family and there is not a day that passes where I do not think about my friends. I have no plans on going anywhere by my own will but I want this to be here if anything did happen. I want the comfort to know I was able to say thank you all for being there for me and thank you Cubic Castles for giving me a home, Now don't get all weird on me and try to be a detective looking into this pondering if there is more to this message. No much like one writes a living will in an event of something bad happening I wanted this to be here. If I am ever gone for more than six months do not worry. Whatever has happened I am carrying you in my heart <3
    February 17
    • -greycoralking-
      Please do not comment on this as nothing is going on as I stated. I am not seeking attention I am just putting it out there. There is nothing more to this than what is written in the event something did happen. I plan on playing CC until I am forty eight.
  • How is it someone can be so handsome and talented, I ask myself that each time I look in the mirror :P.
    December 2016
  • IcyTamTam33$PUPPY
    Grey Coral King Logo
    Attempt 2- hope this uploads! You are awesome Patchers.
    August 2016
    • -greycoralking-
      Holy Cow Dung!!! That level of talent is off the hook like a cordless phone. It is more Gangster than the Godfather. When I have access to a pc I will make it my profile picture.
    • -greycoralking-
      Thank thank thank you. I was typing, stopped to go stare at it O---o!
    • Smores Cookie
      Smores Cookie
      Dang Taaaaaaaaam, you are on fire girllllllllll
      This is so awesomeeeee *^*
    • IcyTamTam33$PUPPY