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Coral Cove
I like shifting between dimensions by correlating lapses in mental stability, building, and socializing with all my wonderful friends
Fountain Watching Society


  • I woke up at eight and I do not even know why...*cry* I am a disgusting person. After I do an errand for mom this home boy is going back to sleep for two hours. It is not acceptable to wake up before ten....not cool.
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    • 'Kitty'
      i once stayed up till 7 am because i was starving lol
    • -GreyCoralKing-
      O_O and why did you not get something to eat.
    • JAXsepticeye
      today was the first day of summer for me and I slept in til like 10:30 and had like minor glimpses of waking up then going back to sleep a few times...
    • *JulieSings*
      I wake up at12:00pm :D
    • 'Kitty'
      @grey because it was pitch dark and I could not see lol
  •   Angel
    You're an awesome friend that any person and or qbee could ever have! :3
    June 23
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    • Valley
      Grey is the best piece of coral I have ever met :)
    • -GreyCoralKing-
      You guys are to much >_
    • Swissy Dreamer
      Swissy Dreamer
      Thank you ::))

      Jk, grey is a greyt person even i rarely talk with him. Would love to talk to his dogs tho >:0
    • 'Kitty'
      my comment was hidden wow
    • Aj Baryza
      Aj Baryza
  • lIl natEY
    June 22
  • June 21
  • 'Kitty'
    its been freaking years o m g
    June 19
  • Here is a final goodbye. I was thinking about how what transpires around me I have no control and if anything did happen to me in that moment I would feel sadness. Sadness I did not get to say goodbye because CC is more than just a game and you all are much more than strangers sitting at another computer screen. You all have become my family and there is not a day that passes where I do not think about my friends. I have no plans on going anywhere by my own will but I want this to be here if anything did happen. I want the comfort to know I was able to say thank you all for being there for me and thank you Cubic Castles for giving me a home, Now don't get all weird on me and try to be a detective looking into this pondering if there is more to this message. No much like one writes a living will in an event of something bad happening I wanted this to be here. If I am ever gone for more than six months do not worry. Whatever has happened I am carrying you in my heart <3
    February 17
    • -GreyCoralKing-
      Please do not comment on this as nothing is going on as I stated. I am not seeking attention I am just putting it out there. There is nothing more to this than what is written in the event something did happen. I plan on playing CC until I am forty eight.
  • How is it someone can be so handsome and talented, I ask myself that each time I look in the mirror :P.
    December 2016
  • IcyTamTam33$PUPPY
    Grey Coral King Logo
    Attempt 2- hope this uploads! You are awesome Patchers.
    August 2016
    • -GreyCoralKing-
      Holy Cow Dung!!! That level of talent is off the hook like a cordless phone. It is more Gangster than the Godfather. When I have access to a pc I will make it my profile picture.
    • -GreyCoralKing-
      Thank thank thank you. I was typing, stopped to go stare at it O---o!
    • Smores Cookie
      Smores Cookie
      Dang Taaaaaaaaam, you are on fire girllllllllll
      This is so awesomeeeee *^*
    • IcyTamTam33$PUPPY