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I find it really weird people actually read the junk I put on my wall.


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Coral Cove
Happy Valentines Day!
Staring at pictures of Space Fetus' hedgehog and starting weird conversations like about boogers or bedsheets.
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  • I find it really weird people actually read the junk I put on my wall.
  • I find coversation hard with people because a lot of the time it is about being dishonest and having a filter. For example:

    Person: What did you do today?
    Me: I had a really massive bowel movement and I feel like I got a new lease on life!
    Person: Ugh I did not want to know that.....

    and I think to myself why did you ask me what I did today if you did not want to know :O:!

    As a small child I was taught not to lie but as an adult all I am taught is to lie. Very frustrating. Like if a girl asks me if she looks fat in a dress I can't be honest and tell her she looks like a whale that got snagged in a cloth net to go change. This is why I just rather talk to animals because I can say anything.
    March 18
    • LiteRary
      Better to not answer and just say "l don't know". lt's nice to talk with animals l guess. Such as Fetus, he just tried to make his hedgehog play CC.
    • -GreyCoralKing-
      but how would I not know what I did today unless I have amnesia >:O! Thistle needs to play CC
    • Elemental god
      Elemental god
      And this is the reason i always love to talk to you ^^ you are so honest its even funny to talk with you, nowadays most people you can tell easily that they hide stuff and thats just not fun to talk with...
    • -GreyCoralKing-
      Aw thanks, Elemental you pull the dress of beautiful.
    • iCantiWill
      Agree, you ask me if it’s tmi, but tbh i love it when you’re telling me everythig
    • LiteRary
      l don't really know you except you're a good builder. l'd like to be friend with you, l'm inactive since a few weeks and still i am.
  • I did not have a problem with the difficulty of finding eggs until the cheaters began making mass profit gain. I am not trying to make profit or gain for myself, a majority of my egg hunting I am spending is helping others complete their pow gifts. I made one pow gift for myself and have been spending the rest of my hours aiding others. I am hoping now that the weekend is over the admin will have a decision by this week of what action to take. Hopefully their course of action is not being idle trying to let this blow over simply because the end of the month is nearing.
    March 19
    • -Joystick-
      We're 2 then ma boi
    • EpicLBPTimeGirlMelody
      People are so lucky that they have cubits, they dont have to go out and find it like what a normal person would do, they just buy it ;-;
  • Space_fetus
    • Elemental god
      Elemental god
    • LiteRary
      Oh god, l'm really scared!
    • SilverDash
      Is that real, or off the web xD
    • Space_fetus
      no its mine, i periodically send grey pictures
    • -GreyCoralKing-
      Grey is special and recieves sexy pics of space's hedgehog who I love so much! Of many things I say I am not emotionally equipped to handle this is one of them. Why is he so cute :O:!
    • -GreyCoralKing-
      His ears are perfection they are fuzzy and like an elf >:O!
    • Space_fetus
      thought you would like this one :P
    • *SnowyOwl*
      aaaaaaa so cute, I love this little guy >:DDDD
    • -GreyCoralKing-
      I want a hedgehog level ten even if it means I can't move to another country. I need one in my life. They are perfect low maintenance animals and I need one :O:!
  • StarButterfly!
    grey,almight cube make we can see the eggs????
    March 15
  • December 2017
  • February 22
  • -GreyCoralKing- changed their profile picture.
    February 9
    • -GreyCoralKing-
      As you guys can see I decided to stop horsin around with my profile pic and update it.
    • *Darkness*Plays
      Grey coming with the puns! Loved it!!
    • Elemental god
      Elemental god
      Looks greyt to sea that horse :p
    • -GreyCoralKing-
      Can a forum mod please delete this post, thank you
  • Not going to lie, I named the reindeer I won from the MGN giveaway seagull lol.

    January 28
  • December 2017
  • Space_fetus
    December 2017
    • CanItBeDone
    • lucaaa795
      Oh my :O
    • Raizuseku
      Oml.. blind santa fetus knows how to make a cute little thing look even cuter.
    • JackFury
      Sanic the Albino Hoghedge
    • Bluejay_1
      :O how can we bear to behold that majestic face
    • *JulieSings*
      omggg so cuttte
    • Fire Charmander
      Fire Charmander
      Is dat your pet? Kawaii :3
    • LiteRary
      Wow! A dragon! l love it!
    • Graceful Thunder
      Graceful Thunder
      Super cute.
    • -GreyCoralKing-
      O my gawd...*dies*, lives again *dies again from cuteness overload. Thistle is an instagram star! With his adorable santa hat :O:! It could make nations lay down their nukes and hug as they wept from Thistles unparalleled level of handsomeness.

      Thanks Spacey ^_^!
    • Space_fetus
      Your welcome grey have a great Christmas
  • I am now sitting in a chair that is foreign to me and it is obnoxiously squeaky. It brings great delight to me without question. *squeak, squeak*
    October 2017

  • September 2017
    •   Ed
  • -GreyCoralKing- changed their profile picture.
    December 2017
  • When you get owned by an admin, more savage than a honey badger.
    August 2017
  •   Angel
    You're an awesome friend that any person and or qbee could ever have! :3
    November 2016
  • IcyTamTam33$PUPPY
    Grey Coral King Logo
    Attempt 2- hope this uploads! You are awesome Patchers.
    August 2016
    • -GreyCoralKing-
      Holy Cow Dung!!! That level of talent is off the hook like a cordless phone. It is more Gangster than the Godfather. When I have access to a pc I will make it my profile picture.
    • -GreyCoralKing-
      Thank thank thank you. I was typing, stopped to go stare at it O---o!
    • smures
      Dang Taaaaaaaaam, you are on fire girllllllllll
      This is so awesomeeeee *^*
    • IcyTamTam33$PUPPY