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I need help... Anyone suggest me a song pls ;; I clean up my old playlist and I got only 8 lefted


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  • I need help...
    Anyone suggest me a song pls ;;
    I clean up my old playlist and I got only 8 lefted
    December 9
    • kurt...
      Despacito by kurt...
    • *Captain Kidd*
      *Captain Kidd*
      Seventeen Clap
      Seventeen Don't wanna Cry
      Seventeen Trauma
      Seventeen Adore U
      Seventeen Very Nice
      Seventeen Boom boom
      Wanna One Beautiful
      Wanna One Burn it up
      Wanna One Energetic
      BTS DNA
      BTS Go go
    • *JulieSings*
      Dua Lipa, Room for 2
      Selena Gomez, Wolves
      Adele, Send my love
      Louise Tomlinson, Back to you
      Dua Lipa, Be the one
      Dua Lipa, Blow your mind
      Maroon 5, Don't wanna know
      Dua Lipa, Hotter than hell
      Charlie Puth, How long
      Gnash, i hate u, i love u
      Adele, Rolling in the deep
      Taylor Swift, ...Ready for it?

      And if you're into kpop,
      BTS DNA, Go Go, Serendipity, Blood sweat & tears, Spring Day, Fire, Not Today, Mic Drop Steve Aoiki remix(or/and feat Desiigner), Best of me and dimple
    • HrothGar
      Blues Saraceno - Devils Got You Beat

      Denzel Curry - Ultimate
      GTA VC - Theme Song
      GTA LCS - Theme Song
      GTA SA - Theme Song
      Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
      Imagine Dragons - It's Time
      Imagine Dragons - Radioactive
      Smash Mouth - All Star
      Boney M - Rasputin
      Rasputin - Remade
      Running in the 90s
      Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - I Love Rock and Roll

      Avicii - Levels
      Skrillex - Levels
      Skrillex - Mek It Bun Dem
      Skrillex - Imma Try It Out
      Eminem - Stan
      Eminem - Till I Collapse
      Eminem - Phenomenal
      Eminem - Rap God
      Eminem - Without Me
      Beyoncè - Hold Up
      Awolnation - Run
      Spongebob - Standing Against The Oppresion

      Beethoven - Fur Elise
      Tobuscus - Dramatic Song
      twenty one pilots - Stressed Out
      twenty one pilots - Heathens

      Imagine Dragons, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, Ty Dollar $ign and Logic - Sucker for Pain.

    • HrothGar
      Oh and

      Blonde Redheads - For The Damaged Coda

      (I suggest the Evil Morty version)
    • Eloquence
      Omg I see all those Dua Lipa recommendations and all I can say is yussssss Jules!

      -Bad Together, Dua Lipa
      -Begging, Dua Lipa
      -The whole of Dua Lipa's album because ♡♡♡♡♡
      -Hold Me Tight Or Don't, Fall Out Boy
      -Last of the Real Ones, Fall Out Boy
      -Homemade Dynamite, Lorde
      -Pray, Sam Smith
      -New, Daya

      But if you're into a spec genre Idk. ;)
    • *Snoopie*
      Thanks all :D
    • *Narla*
      Moonlight, Grace Vanderwaal
    • CanItBeDone
      Green Light - Lorde
      Liability - Lorde
      Pretty much anything from her Melodrama album
    • KY LE
      KY LE
  • *Snoopie* changed their profile picture.
    December 9
  • *Snoopie* changed their profile picture.
    December 9
  • *>Jess<*
    hey snoop snoop :D

    here is constructive criticism:

    When drawing heads, try not to make the top of it so high, nor too low.

    and thats all i have to say, the rest is amazing <33 miss chu
    November 30
  • [InSstep]
    u back :o
    November 19
  • *Snoopie* changed their profile picture.
    November 18
  • Swissy Dreamer
    Oi, Iam sorry if it looked weird but i've always wanted to draw lips so i used your OC to practice ;0

    September 29
    • *JulieSings*
    • *Snoopie*
      Nice coloring Swiss :O
      Thanks for drawing my OC :D
    • - Angelica -
      - Angelica -
      Omg that looks amazing :O!!!!
    • lucaaa795
      that looks nice swissssssssyyy
    • 60thSnowyMonth
      The eyes scare me o_o. But overall it's good :).
    • Jackson_4104
      Good Work
  • Some of you guys asked me for drawing tutorials so I made a poll about it.
    If you got nothing to do, feel free to vote
    September 30
  • *Snoopie* changed their profile picture.
    September 29
  • Swissy Dreamer
    Hey, Happy birthday snoop!
    September 26
  • I just promised myself to do my homework after eating dinner and I see myself scrolling down the internet in 10:30pm...
    September 27
  • *Snoopie* changed their profile picture.
    September 24
  • *Snoopie* changed their profile picture.
    September 24
    • *Snoopie*
      My loptop still broken ;;
      Hopefully is not because I spilled juice on the keyboard...
    • Genex
      I doubt it is not because of that :o
  • *Snoopie* changed their profile picture.
    September 16
  • Salty Waffle
    Hi, Snoops! I like you a lot, so I am saying hi, I would friend you, but I do not have enough Karma. I just joined.. ;-;
    September 11
  • *>Jess<*
    when you cri because snoopie's art is fabulous, and my art just looks weird.
    August 25
    • *Snoopie*
      Is fine jess, every artist was like you when they are still learning :D
      Even me I was like you. And don't worry, your arts is still cute :3
    • *>Jess<*
      ;-; thank chu
  • Too busy irl...
    I will be rarely playing this game now ;;
    July 21
  • Yoruko
    Wait.. O-o if ur South Korean, then why are u in Philippines?
    July 4
    • *JulieSings*
      Can't people move to other countries? I can be Mexican but live in Australia. :P
    • Jerrynana123
      I thought you can't move away from South Korea
    • The Awesome Dude
      The Awesome Dude
      That's North Korea. Because of Kim Junk Poo as I like to call him xD
    • *Snoopie*
      If I were north, I couldn't even play cc either open internet o.o..
      And I moved in Philippines due to family problem. Well is kinda like divorce stuffs... long story.
    • *Captain Kidd*
      *Captain Kidd*
      *sees if the characters show up.*
    • Yoruko
      Kim Junk Poo is pretty evil
    • *Snoopie*
      Don't worry, he is a human. Means will naturally leave someday from earth :D
    • Yoruko
      Dying u mean?
    • *Snoopie*
  • Shuuichi Tsukamoto
    Noo Snoopie D:<
    June 25
  • ChocolateCreamPuff
    Snoopz hai
    who made ur pfp?
    July 1
  • Yoruko
    I'm back Snoopie! Get ready for more LEITES! >:D
    June 29
  • When you have a test...
    June 24
    • Eagence
      It seems like they workd hard ^_^
    • *JulieSings*
      They studied real hard.
    • *Snoopie*
    • Swissy Dreamer
      Swissy Dreamer
      Real hard eh? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      i hope noone gets my reference kk
  • *Snoopie* changed their profile picture.
    June 22
  • Me and my classmate got +30min after school standing and try to be observed :D...
    I was happy that my class was 1st last yr but this year, it was 1st from a bottom ;;
    June 17
    • Aj BaRyza
      Aj BaRyza
    • 'Sir.Fox'
      what is standing and try to be observed mean? o.o
    • *Snoopie*
      ^ no talking, no drawing, anything else then understanding what you need to do e-e?
  • spookaloni
    ty snop
    June 13
  • *Snoopie* changed their profile picture.
    June 11
  • My internet stopped rn
    Using my data for it but I don't know when I can come back ;;
    June 7
  • Nixterno
    How to add?
    May 18
  • TetteyTerettey...
    May 11
  • Nerry
    "It's not like I like you or anything. Buh. Buh. Buh. BAKA."
    Osano Najomi is best rival.
    April 9
    • Mr.Pud
      I vote for Oko Ruto ;P
    • Swissy Dreamer
      Swissy Dreamer
      Weeb :v
    • Mr.Pud
    • Tumbleweed
    • *Snoopie*
    • BlazinGirl
      Lol, yandere simulator gamer :P
    • Nerry
      Squash fight me
      Meet me in the back behind the trash can I'll blow you to shreds nerd
    • Nerry
    • *>Jess<*
      I pick Osano. His design is amazing *^*
    • Nerry
      tru and osoro