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Reynaldo Giles

Im da elite noob


Reynaldo Giles
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Reynaldo Giles
60 ayyeeeee im elite but still noob :)
Basketball, football and Coins XD
Golden fox pack (newborn fox)


  • Im da elite noob
    September 30
  • Banny is life as yall know XD #elitebunny
    September 1
  • :D :3
    August 30
  • I guess yall have to water yall plants 2 - 3 times a day
    August 24
  • YAY THE FARM UPDATE IS HERE *jumps for joy like a bunny* OINK OINK
    August 23
  • Anyone playing loging to cubic castles? Im asking because there is a problem :/. When I opened the app, then went to the password screen and this popped out saying "were upgrading cubic castles and will be back shortly" and 1 hour later..... STILL THE SAME IM SO BORED. *sighs* Is there really an upgrade going on bc its taking FOREVER and im bored. If is still like that by 3 - 4 hours what should i do? :(
    August 23
    • LiteRary
      P A T I E N T
    • black socks
      black socks
      Stop being impatient and just go outside and live your life, your life does not depend on cubic castles, there's a lot of things you can do to live your life, not be cooped up in some cramped area just to play a small game. Besides, don't you ever get bored of playing the same game? Play different games if you are waiting for "1 hour" you impatient nub. Go on a hike, a bike ride. Play something other. Life goes fast by and you know it. Don't waste your life, have fun. Don't do drugs.
  • Hehehehe
    August 23
  • Haters gotta hate btw dont believe on moises is dope because he accuses me for scamming idk what But will never scam because im not nopb.
    August 20
    • Kirodashi
      I'm not nopb either ;)
    • *JulieSings*
      no one's a nopb
    • *>Remo<*
      xD typo fails 2017
    • Aj BaRyza
      Aj BaRyza
      typo 2k17
    • Reynaldo Giles
      Reynaldo Giles
      Lol i type fast without rereading im lazy
    • *>Remo<*
      aj baryza copied me >:V
    • black socks
      black socks
    • Aj BaRyza
      Aj BaRyza
      Remo copied me >:V
    • OrangeTail
      Don't worry, Moises is dope accused me as a scammer too.
      e.e just tell me if you wanna hear the story.
  • Plz mods help me -_- this girl named emmybre618 is trying to make me loose my reputation. She said i supposely scammed her best friends ghost costume, i mean look, people dont understand my pain, I ALWAYS WORK FOR ITEMS, I DONT SCAM, IM TIRED OF PEOPLE FALSELY ACCUSING ME, i mean i never got a ghost costume bc no offence but the ghost costume ugly. So Why will i scam a ghost costume and btw emmybre618 needs evidence to show i supposely scammed the costume. Seriously people picking on me saying "oh u scammed this and that" like come on, Stop claiming i scammed this item bc u need evidence. Gl false acussers bc who knows, a mod might ban u for accusing without evidence.
    August 19
    • -Gundam-
      Support is your best friend .
      (Idk the person could get banned for it though, it seems extreme .) Screenshots are always useful when reporting something btw

  • Lol
    August 17
  • Cat emoji?
    August 17
  • Basketball 4 life
    August 14
  • Moises pls dont leave ur best buddy behind dont quit, the farm pack coming soon, please dont quit, then destinee_1806 will be sad too. Hope you stay in cc for us to talk :(
    August 13
  • Sup guys im new to forums
    August 11
  • Reynaldo Giles changed their profile picture.
    August 11
  • Reynaldo Giles changed their profile picture.
    August 11