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The INX Realms
Helping people out. Chilling on CC and making videos :D
The Elite 4 [Leader]


  • Hey all! Hope you enjoyed the party! @The INX Realms! Yet again Happy birthday to Coolguyboss from yesterday! Love you bro!
    June 10
    • Jerrynana123
      wait, what party?
    • -Entity-
      Well, we had a party. Quite the outcome. First everyone around the tabl talking then me and bloxxard did a speech for CoolGuyBoss and after that a giveaway. then a raffle and to top it all off a building contest ;)
  • -Entity- changed their profile picture.
    June 17
  • jad kheirallah
    someone here doesn't understand the joke of blame horus? :O
    June 13
    • -Entity-
      I do xD, I just want to be 'that guy' ;P
  • spOOkaloni
    I demand food
    June 12
  • Hey everyone!

    Just letting you all know that I just uploaded a NEWS and showcase of our clanroom video!

    HERE IS IS!!

    Also go go go subscribe to my brother: CoolGuyBoss! You shall find a card to his channel on my videos ;)
    June 3
  • Hey Guys! Genex here!
    Just posting this to tell you all a little bit about my recent activity in the galaxies cc bought to us ;) Now..where do I start? I know!

    Sooo if you have seen me online it is probably because I play as much as I can, been realllyy busy organising the monthly giveaway of my clan 'The Elite4' and am happy to be able to say that right now (because our giveaway is open to all qbees) our giveaway is the biggest in the game! Now, this was definitely unexpected and came as a lovely surprise to the leaders:Me (Genex), CoolGuyBoss,=MGN= Pro Guy 2015 and Bloxxard! And just to top it up off!! Our clan reached level 5 :D (Soo expect a party which shall be LIVE on my channel) That's all for now!
    Here to help!
    June 3