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Mr - Small


Mr - Small
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Mr - Small


  • EctoYam
    Did you disappear again? ; __ ;
    January 10
  • [InSstep]
    wake up
    August 2018
  • EctoYam
    Where did the Mr Small go. Where is he? He's been missing for a long time. Please. I miss you ; _ ;
    July 2018
  • Hi! I need help! I have 308k and I want to buy myself some clothes but I have no outfit ideas. Pls send me your idea of a cool outfit. It has to fit in 308k and I would like to include Halo or Black Umbrella. Please help me! ~ Mr - Small
    January 2018
    • Elemental god
      Elemental god
      I sell a snowman costume for 308k ;p

      Nah just joking
      I guess the best would be:
      If you like to brag:
      -black umbrella
      -motley set
      -black angel wings or a scarf
      If you like nice clothing:
      -black umbrella
      -cat set (guess you like cats looks at your pfp)
      -exe (optional)
      -that suit shirt
      -black pants
    • Elemental god
      Elemental god
      I always go for the slime costume though, but im just addicted to it
    • Alex William01
      Alex William01
      A pink shirt. Nothing else. Best outfit.
    • Hrothgar
    • Medications
      Red shirt
      Black pants
      If you like your trip add some dark angel wings.
    • EctoYam
      My suggestion >:3

      Suit jacket
      Black pants
      Angel wings
      And maaaaaybe a racoon tail :P
    • Raizuseku
      Carry cane and a tutu is all you need..
    • Mad Dog Gamer
      Mad Dog Gamer
      I have tons of outfits. The one I'm currently wearing is black pants, a black shirt, a raccoon tail, a blue wizard hat, with a harm wand. I think it looks lit.
    • Mrs.BunBun
      Hello, I have a suggestion.
      Since you're a boy xd
      - Halo
      - Eyepatch
      -Dark Angels
      - Pilgrim shirt
      - Pilgrim pants

      It's a cute outfit >.>
      - Flamoco hat - Idk how to spell it
      - Eyepatch
      - Black Umbrella
      - Pilgrim shirt w/ pants
      + - Dark Angels
      Your welcome ;)
    • Cub the Cubic
      Cub the Cubic
      Suit Hat
      Suit Shirt
      Black Pants
      Dark Angels
      Eyepatch or Exe
      Black Umbrella
  • Tinypup_34
    Hey, Mr - Small? I didn't get your friend request. Did you lie to us? I didn't get the prize for your event!
    April 2018
  • Mad Dog Gamer
    I didnt get your friend request in game
    April 2018
  • Happy easter everyone! Not a happy one for me though, i got scammed my little fortune! oh well, life goes further! :D
    April 2018
  • KennyRoger
    March 2018
  • [InSstep]
    hi all
    do you know you have secret evil twin
    Mrs.Big ..? Beware...
    bye all
    March 2018
  • Just fine XD!
    February 2018
  • Everything Good!
    February 2018
  • I cannot wait for EASTER because i want to get that easter umbrella. I also want to sell the DAMMIT KRAMPUS so please search for me or send me a friend request (at Mr - Small) if u want to buy it.
    This is everything for now. (Oh, and I buy halo.) ;)
    January 2018
    • Mad Dog Gamer
      Mad Dog Gamer
      I love holidays (except Halloween cause I think its a waste of time and money, but love a good scare) I have some Xmas and valentines stuff, along with a fall wreath, but I'm saving up for the Easter pack, and the summer pack.
  • Mr - Small changed their profile picture.
    January 2018
  • Guys, I sold my Krampus 308k! :D Isn’t that SOO good? Everything is ok for now! AND I BUY HALO OMG!
    January 2018
  • EctoYam
    Well...good morning Sir :3 (idk it's morning time for me :V)
    January 2018