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Tomorrow religion :(


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  • Tomorrow religion :(
  • 2+2=4
    December 12
  • Quick maths
    December 12
  • ...
    December 11
  • Ahhhhhh.....
    Tomorrow Geography and Deutsch exams
    December 11
  • Oh no.....
    Exams till 18 December
    December 9
  • skullcandy36052
    how much u sell bunnymobile for?
    December 2
    • sjoof
      Now I have a bid at 45k
  • Ricky Wilson
    hello ? can u online ?
    November 30
    • sjoof
      lol now i am
  • Ricky Wilson
    Xanax is online
    November 30
  • 60thSnowyMonth
    January 17
  • Tomorrow last exam.....

    ........ finally. ..........

    ....... time to play cubic castles
    December 2016
    • Elemental god
      Elemental god
      *power shutdown* *sjoof screams so hard you hear it al the way here*

    • jad kheirallah
      jad kheirallah
      come to syria you will never see electricity again
  • Bananas
    January 2
  • Yes finally got lvl 25 and the 5% faster dehydrated cubes perk
    December 2016
  • Sunday ebenign. .........

    ....... time to go into the bath
    December 2016
  • I like ...

    ...cubic castles
    December 2016
  • Monday exam Mathematics!!!!
    I almost haven't time to play Cubit Castles
    December 2016
  • I yust bought a golden cube for 2.9k and sold it for 5.4k. I dealed it like a boss!
    (If you want to buy a golden cube I have one more for sale!)
    December 2016
  • I found a sun crown in a golden cube but I don't know the price of it. Please help me!
    Kind regards, Sjoof
    December 2016
  • I was wondering if you could get a higher rank in the game. I mean not just a member but someone with some adventages, not like a common player.
    Don't ignore me because of my bad English. The reason I don't speak it perfectly is because of the fact I am from Belgium and I normally speak Dutch. Have a nice day, Sjoof
    December 2016
    • Pickles2001
      Only ranks in game are clan ranks, mod rank, beta rank(unobtainable) and admin rank(unobtainable) and the supporter rank for buying cubits or doing tapjoy offers(they are yellow brackets around your name)
    • sjoof
      Okay thanks