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I will be on... For the last time this month or so...


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Jerry's Shop
Why do you want to know?
Robotics, Playing Cubic Castles, Learning how to spell :D


  • I will be on... For the last time this month or so...
    October 25
  • I was here
    October 10
  • jad kheirallah
    hi jerrieh
    September 16
  • Pickles2001
    September 22
  • I'll be inactive in Cubic Castles and CC forums too. Probs till school ends.
    September 16
  • Is this true or false?
    "This sentence is a lie"
    August 28
    • Qbird
    • =SirArchAngel=
      Paradox. You say the sentence is a lie., so you're lying about the fact that the sentence is a lie. So the sentence is not a lie.
    • Jerrynana123
      So it's true, meaning it is a lie, etc etc

  • September 3
  • "AcceloRings! These high tech gadgets will propel a player forward or up into the sky. WARNING! An accelo ring will blow up if it's overloaded. Placing two rings facing eachother directly or in another configuration designed to reuse them as fast as possible can lead to explosions!"

    Isn't that spelled each other?
    August 26
  • jad kheirallah
    im gonna say you cheated until you tell me what you wrote in the door pass in my parkour
    it is impossible that you guessed it
    August 11
  • August 9

  • Don't mind me, I'm living off of sugar here
    August 10
  • ? What did people mean that people didn't get any epics?
    August 10
    • Professional Killer
      Professional Killer
      Around first 30 mins of the Summer Pack release, the rare and wondrous items weren't on the pack due to a typo, and therefore got commons only, at that time. :P
    • Jerrynana123
      ... Errrr, I think I purchased 3 in 30 minutes of the pack release, I don't remember e.e
    • Jerrynana123
      Ehhh, should I ask support?
    • Professional Killer
      Professional Killer
      Yep, go ahead and do that, they can check how many purchases you did.
  • I checked my YouTube history of what I commented;
    Why was I so weird back then? Some comments I don't even remember typing is there... I think my account got hacked XD
    August 4
  • 1 more day until Voltron Season 3 is out.
    August 4
  • Yesterday, I went on a bus tour (I guess thats what you call it).Won't be active ingame much, because 95% of the day is on the bus tour. Sometimes I will check on forums. Tell me if the farm update comes out.
    July 27
    • Jerrynana123
      I AM BACK! :D
    • *JulieSings*
    • Aj BaRyza
      Aj BaRyza
      wb jerrybanana
    • Djedo
      As far as it looks now you can go on world tour and still be able to come in time for update. :D
      Relax and enjoy your road trip.
  • I had a suggestion for the game, but I forgot what it was...
    August 1
  • tobias7000
    He's coping me'h!!!!!! xd ;-;
    July 31
    • Jerrynana123
      Tobias, as you can clearly see I have posted those before you posted yours.
    • tobias7000
      Kappa, srry I will change
  • -Downloading New Content-
    My hopes went up
    Then I check the cubit store
    RIP Jerry's Hope
    July 28
    • _DaPerson_
      I'm so sorry ;-;
    • Mr.Pud
      It's coming out soon, let's be a little more patient.
  • Oh wait, the date thing is fixed
    July 28
  • Wait, so are stove being removed from the store? and into the Recube store?
    July 25
    • *JulieSings*
      Aren't they craft-able? O-o
    • Mr.Pud
      They won't be craftable anymore after the update :V
    • Tomk2005
      craft rush
    • Aj BaRyza
      Aj BaRyza
  • People impersonating me, great, all that I needed.
    July 24
  • ╔┓┏╦━━╦┓╔┓╔━━╗╔╗
    e.e Idk why
    July 23
    • spookaloni
    • lucaaa795
      BYE ALL!
  • Jerrynana123 changed their profile picture.
    July 22
  • Can you have alts on the forums?
    July 21
    • jad kheirallah
      jad kheirallah
      It's against da rules
    • Mr. Penguin
      Mr. Penguin
      Nothing stops you from having alts, unless it's used for bypassing a ban :)
    • jad kheirallah
      jad kheirallah
      nope gdog banned my alt even tho im ot banned
      its called a soft bed
  • I am stuck with having less than 10k and I can't profit ;-;
    July 18
    • jad kheirallah
      jad kheirallah
      Welcome to my world
      I have 3c and i can't profit
    • 60thSnowyMonth
      I have 0 cubits and I can't profit

      ( • ) ( • )
      | | / | |
  • Jonny'sBeachHouse? Cool XD
    July 19
  • Anyone know who this guy is called?

    July 16
    • Qbird
      Sergeant Keroro , he's my favorite character everrrrr 0___0
    • Yakroo
      Kermit the frog?
    • Jerrynana123
      I used to watch him XD
      Sergeant Keroro
      Thanks for telling me Gundam!
      Now I can watch that again :D
  • July 17
  • If you are wearing a costume, how do you know when you are sitting down?
    July 9
  • Wuzzles! (Word Puzzles)
    Time = ?
    Comment the answer below!
    No prize
    (BTW theses are not mine I heard it from someone)
    July 13