Trash Man

Every trash(thrown item) in cubic castles should be collected at an NPC called TrashMan then the trash(items) collected should be put up in a realm with a prize dispenser for the qbees to collect them or maybe someone will give TrashMan a high cost item then maybe a new player could get it.....Please ask questions if u dont get it :D
Suggestions if accepted
TrashMan Details:
-Gives 1xp per item given
-Has a realm called The Dump
-Collects near the "Your Realm" portal
-NPC (like the Farmer NPC)

The Dump (His Realm)
-Location to collect trash given by the community via prize dispenser
-Theme would be dirty


  • carlos19carlos19 Member
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    Ya im on your side
    maybe we need trashman sooo many items wont vanished but give to other beginners sooo they have items
    but only once every 2months soo sometimes they get
    trashman are only in cubic learning center cubic jail and lobby
    but if the owner didnt get in 20minute it wont dissapear but npc trashman will get it
  • PaneNationPaneNation Member
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    Daily is okay since it's just trash
  • - Angelica -- Angelica - Member
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    I thought about this idea too!
    Although I don't think you should be rewarded for giving trash
    Otherwise noice idea :D
  • carlos19carlos19 Member
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  • As long as it’s collected after 20minutes instead of the items dissapearing, it sounds fine
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