Anvils and Blocks

AbeLincolnAbeLincoln Member
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So I decided to play around with the camera when I found out that anvils do not have bases, making them float. Second, I found out that blocks do not have a texture for the bottom.


  • DsBerrypawDsBerrypaw Member
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    And the point is....? If you use Betamax, look at Qbees, bushes, and decos. It's neat, but not worth a discussion.
  • Pickles2001Pickles2001 Member
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    not a problem tbh. its same with a cauldron...
  • AbeLincolnAbeLincoln Member
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    These could be graphical glitches!
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    These could be graphical glitches!

    They arent glitches they are meant to be this way
  • KokopelliKokopelli WV, USAMember
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    The game was designed not to have betamax view, don’t know why it was changed in the first place. But never the less I see that as a liberation of Qbee kind.
  • HoodudHoodud Member
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    I'm still waiting for the day when the bottom of a block won't be transparent.
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