Beware Facebook Users - Malicious User

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Hello! I'm reporting this as my friend can't.

A Facebook user named Weronika Ziemichod is trying to sell her account for real money.

Of course, trading accounts for real money is against CC guidelines, be sure not to do it!
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  • Elemental godElemental god The netherlandsMember
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    Hmmm this is always irritating.... i wonder why people always are so stupid that they try to steal someone's account.... scamming someone... okay but just stealing someone's account is just mean...

    Also im sure thats not the real cc name of that person, or that person is even more stupid than i thought
  • Pickles2001Pickles2001 Member
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    what server exactly did they find you in XDD
  • *Joystick**Joystick* Member
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    Recycled Thread. Thx @coffeefreak87
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