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Shrink problem

xomer55xomer55 Member
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So... as the title says, theres a shrink problem.
The shrink problem is on the halo, when you shrink with the shrink block, the halo doesn't shrink with you as you can see in the picture i added below.
It's a really cool bug but i think it needs to be fixed...


  • -Joystick--Joystick- Member
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    Yeah cool bug ikr ^^
    17.45 Karma
    It's always been like that.. I like it that way :P
  • Reaper BearReaper Bear USAMember
    8.25 Karma
    halo has always been bigger even with shrink wand
  • xomer55xomer55 Member
    6.05 Karma
    Its still a bug...
  •  gdog gdog FamiliarForum Moderator, Game Moderator, Familiar
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    why are little qbees not worth of the same angelic afterlife that big ones are? lol

    but yeah the tutu is the main issue i think with clothing.
  • edited December 2017 32.85 Karma
    Also the skirts go to shirt height
    And me and a friend found a bug with it I will get a vid and post on here
  • 2.45 Karma
    i think it is normal, if use the wand the halo is giant or cover on the qbee
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