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Environment stamp with fully grown crops?

SidddSiddd UKGame Moderator
edited November 2017 in Help Requests 30.75 Karma
Just a quick question to see if anyone has tried/done this? Put an environment stamp in a realm with already fully grown crops and if it kills them? Better I ask this first before killing 500 Corn!


  • MeHawkMeHawk Member
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    my guess is they wont die, cause fully grown crops don't die even if we don't water them and left them for ever.
    so my guess is they wont die for change of weathers.
  • LiteRaryLiteRary Member
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    l don't think it will die. Grown crops, as you see (GROWN), not growing so yeah, no problem but ;

    For make sure @CosmicCow @SirKewberth
  • *Darkness*Plays*Darkness*Plays FamiliarMember, Familiar
    28.95 KarmaFamiliar
    Im gonna test it with one of my crops when they have grown and will post the results here
  • NoeNtNoeNt Member
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    No it won't die..I have done that and it was alive..
  • *Darkness*Plays*Darkness*Plays FamiliarMember, Familiar
    28.95 KarmaFamiliar
    @NoeNt how long did you leave it?
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