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Malicious player made games - now prohibited

HorusHorus EnglandForum Administrator
edited January 23 in News & Announcements 33.75 Karma
Malicious player made games are now prohibited.

These include:

- Giveaways that require payment from participants.
- Gambling or games of chance that require cubits or item payments from participants.
- Games that require players to drop items as "payment" to play. (drop games)

Games of skill such as creative building contests using foundation blocks, or parkour races may be allowed, but player complaints or reports of fake contests or undelivered prizes could lead to a permanent ban from the game for the organizers of these events. Moderators or admins may choose to shut these events down at their discretion if they determine the event to be malicious. We would encourage players not to join such contests unless they know the organizers well and trust them. You join at your own risk. Lost entry fees will not be returned.

Why have we done this? This new rule is being added because, while some games may be fair and fun, the majority, unfortunately, have been tricks used to cheat and steal from other players. There have been fake prizes, non-returnable entry fees, and other tricks used to cheat players out of their cubits or items. If you'd like to give away some items, please do it for free.

From this day onward, our moderators will start giving out warnings for breaking the new rule.


  • HorusHorus EnglandForum Administrator
    edited January 23 33.75 Karma
    The rule has been updated with its final wording, and is now included in our Terms of Service.
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