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My account got stolen

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someone did a holla going on to a website to get free cubits. i went on to the website ([URL REMOVED BY SIRKEW.. lets not advertise for them] then it asked for my password. i know i was stupid to give my pass but i did. after wards i clicked confirmed theni suddenly had a feeling it was gonna steal my account. i deleted data (i was on an ios ipad ) but afterwards when i logged into the game, halfway it crashed . then when i tried to log in again it said my password was incorrect. someone must have changed my password.i lost my account with 24k roughly. i know i was greedy and im very sorry


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    Yeah these guys are a constant pain, and I've taken down several of the sites, but it's difficult, and the ISPs and other places that host them will not always cooperate with us. I've tried to warn people not to give their password or believe that hacks and free cubits etc... are safe and real, without also advertising these pages specifically. Let this be a warning to other players. And please report the accounts advertising this stuff so we can permanently ban them and hopefully save others from this.

    If you feel your account was stolen you can try to contact support and they may be able to help you recover some of it. But, PLEASE, don't give anyone your passwords.

    Note that this sort of thing plagues many games, not just Cubic Castles. They don't always do it to steal accounts, but they can profit in other ways. So if you see someone promising your free stuff, or a special hack.. be careful. The one they may be looking to hack is YOU.
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