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Cubic Halloween Town - Building Contest [Results!]

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1st Place (300k): Miwky





2nd Place (150k): Gravedigger Radish



3rd Place (75k): =Cheshire Cat=



4th Place (30k): *Mischievous Mary*



5th Place (10k): Sandalfon Redwood



Honourable Mention (3k): Stabsinback

Special Horus prize for a free candy van, because what's more creepy than that!


The leaves are falling and the wolves are howling... it's time for Halloween!

Your task is to build the creepiest candy-distributing house in town... you don't want these pesky kids to egg your house now, do you. Each 9x9 spot is equipped with an anti-spirit fence to keep what's lurking in the shadows at bay. Each spot costs 5,000 cubits to rent, but worry not, it will be returned! As for the amount of spots... they're not limited. 2 whole new sections await if you follow the main road sideways. If you'll need more, we'll add more!

Your houses will be judged on three factors; creepiness, house design, and of course how good your front yard is! It's all about trick'o'treating.

Enter Cubic Halloween Town if you dare...


  • Keep your build appropriate, unique, and on-topic. Any spots that won't have a Halloween themed house will be re-rented, whilst your cubits disappear into the dark abyss. (Anything that breaks our game guidelines will also be treated as a violation of this rule)

  • Be nice to your neighbours and townees, the town spirit likes to take matters into its own hands on Halloween.

  • Only one build per person, if we find anyone using alts to rent more than one spot they'll be automatically disqualified... and the abyss calls again.

  • After the event ends, you will have one week to collect your stuff from the rental. After that, rentals will be wiped and wait for next year!


  • 1st place - 300k Cubits

  • 2nd palce - 150k Cubits

  • 3rd place - 75k Cubits

  • 4th place - 30k Cubits

  • 5th place - 10k Cubits

Remember to leave your username on the porch so we can distribute the prizes!

Submission deadline - Sunday 6th of November 2016

Results will be announced a week later.


  • HorusHorus EnglandForum Administrator
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    Submissions are now closed, let the judging begin!

    Good luck to everyone who built their house. :)
  • HorusHorus EnglandForum Administrator
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    The results are in! Congratulations to all the winners, your prizes will be distributed soon :)

    Just make sure NOT to remove your builds yet, your bumper cubits need to be distributed back first. There's a possibility I could count it as a non-participating spot. I locked the realms for now so that doesn't happen, it'll be back up soon.
  • HorusHorus EnglandForum Administrator
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    Prizes were distributed and all cubits were returned back... in complimentary piggies!

    Feel free to take your blocks and explore the builds.
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