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Duck, Duck, GOOSE

PEgamingPEgaming Member
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Alright, let's play some... extreme duck duck goose.
How it works is, one person posts "duck," another person posts "duck," and the third person posts "goose." When a person says "goose," the person above him or her will have to do something INNOCENT that the "goose" wants. Keep in mind that it should NOT involve giving items, posting innapropriate things, or doing anything that breaks any rule. It also has to be DO-ABLE
Here is an example.
Me: Duck
BillyBoo: Duck
Horus: GOOSE! I want you to change your avatar to the Illuminati Symbol.

These are examples of what is fine:
Cross dressing, building a statue, changing avatars, etc.
These are not fine:
giving Krampus masks, forcing to bully others, etc.

If this thread gets out of hand, I'll ask a moderator to close it.

Let's get started!

I'll be nice and not say Duck.

Rule Changes:
Any posts other than "Duck" or the reactions of the people will be considered as "Duck." Yes, beware. You will not know when you accidentally became the second duck!
You HAVE to do what the Goose asks you to do. I've been seeing people not doing what they are asked to do. Also, avatars changed must stay for at least two days.


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