Whats Your Cubic Biography?

So, tell me everything you know from your cubic life. If you can't remember something, try to not have things connected to that be involved. Here's my cubic biography.

2:30 PM. On the steam store. Here I was, looking for a multiplayer game, because I really enjoyed hanging out with people. And, I found a game, called Cubic Castles. People were saying that it was an amazing game, with generous people. So I thought why not. So I downloaded the game. Named myself Orion78762. And that was the day, my entire personality was going to change. So, I did the tutorial, seemed simple enough. So I did the beginner quests, made a mini house. And I met my first friend. Newsboysfan. She was that type of person that will rapidly become your bff, and devote their time into hanging out with you. And believe me, she was great. I was level 5, she was level 13, so she showed me around. A few days later, I made my 2nd friend. Cutie Angel. I became level 7, and she was level 17, she was also amazing. Once I became level 10, more people began to friend me. ArchAngelLove, Aya Patata, it kept going on with the amazing friends, and to be honest, I was living the dream. I became lvl 13, and then started my job. I was a carpenter, who built people houses for free. It got me XP, it got people nice houses. It worked out. A couple of hours later, newsboysfan's friends told me that just shattered my happiness for days. She had quit cc. That left me into complete confusion, why did she quit, will she come back? Well, my question was answered. A few days later, I got scammed. And then the next day, I heard a holla saying I GOT SCAMMED :Q: . I wanted to quit cc. But then I realized, I won't play this game to be just entertained. I will stop scammers. All of my first bffs quit. Then I just felt like laying down on my bed and crying. Which believe me, I did. Aya and Archy were the last of my friends that I could truthfully call, my best friends forever. And then aya quit, and archy took an enormous break. Believe me, I thought she quit. But she came back. Oh ya cutie angel's sister, her name is >**Blossom**< believe me, she's amazing. And she actually used to have a crush on me O_-. So did Aya, and aya LOVED me, which really freaked me out. So, months passed, and here I am, writing this, that hopefully, one of my old bffs will come back. Or such people will ever exist.


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    Wow, that's a good (and lengthy) story. It hardly compares to mine:

    A few years back, I was on Steam looking for free games. I came across Cubic Castles. It looked pretty good, so I downloaded it. I played it a while, but quit because my Internet speed was terrible. Then, in the year 2016 on July 3rd, I got a new cellphone. I figured putting a multiplayer game on it would be fun, considering I had some pretty fast Internet connection on my phone. I considered Growtopia, as I played it a good bit way-back-when, but decided not to. Then I remembered Cubic Castles, so I downloaded it and started over as Turnovus. The end.
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