General Trading Thread



  • ExCelsiusExCelsius Member
    edited April 2017 13.55 Karma

  • ThisIsNotSlimThisIsNotSlim Retired Moderator
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    Ill definitely buy :o
  • PortanaPortana Member
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    Vending machines 350c each! PM me or add me ig : Cubic Luna
  • SepailSepail Member
    edited April 2017 27.50 Karma
    Dat policecap makes me crazy x.x sell for 250c
  • Bluejay_1Bluejay_1 Member
    edited April 2017 53.50 Karma
    Buying lava idk what the price is but I'm buying 5/1c
  • JackChen:)JackChen:) Member
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    Selling Following Items :-

    1- Almighty Cube For 1000c
    2- Chef Caot For 350c
    3- Vending MAchine for 400c

    Buuying Following Items :-

    1- Top Hats 15c Each ( Buying Tons )
    2- A Car For Good Trade
    3- Buy Cat For 1.4k , Dog For 1.6k And Tukey Pet For Your Price! :)
    4- And Pixel Blocks ( Any )

    I will buy vend machine :)

  • *Slyme**Slyme* Member
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    Selling Nurse hat 150k c Add me if intrested ign :*Slyme*
  • JerNoLimit.JerNoLimit. Member
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    Selling waters 500/100c! :D
  • herooverlordherooverlord Member
    7.85 Karma
    selling 3 dorkmobile for 7500c
  • sheepjrssheepjrs Member
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    Selling SunCrown 2k [WTS]
    Selling Knight Helmet 400[WTS]
    Selling Flamenco Hat 50[WTS]

  • ANKlTANKlT Member
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    Selling floral crown 250c
  • SepailSepail Member
    27.50 Karma
    Buying pharaof crowns.
  • PortanaPortana Member
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    Sepail said:

    Dat policecap makes me crazy x.x sell for 250c

    Police cap? il buy!
  • - Angelica -- Angelica - Member
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    I am wanting to buy a Clanstone.
    Say a price.
    Don't go crazy
  • Mr.PindusMr.Pindus Member
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    Selling diving helmet for offer i f u want to buy just add mr.granicus and btw I have many resources to sell just search granicus mall
  • HeroSquickyHeroSquicky Member
    edited June 2017 0.50 Karma
    Sell Iron Mask for 4.5k

    Sell Rubber 8/c. I'll farm em if you would buy.

    Add me if you buy. Ign: HeroSquicky
  • EctoYamEctoYam Member
    edited June 2017 28.90 Karma
    Selling a dragon pet level 4 for 10k cubits (sold sorry)
  • Piratax10Piratax10 Member
    84.50 Karma
    Wtb red/blue chairs, tires of any color and bleachers for 5c each
  • Y1_s2Y1_s2 Member
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    Selling a dragon pet level 4 for 10k cubits

    i buy
  • Labz34gamesLabz34games Member
    edited June 2017 0.80 Karma
    Buying an Exe mask and dark angels, and I'm not exactly sure of rhetoric prices for either. Message me your prices, don't go crazy please.

    EDIT: I have found the items I needed. Thanks to the people that sold to me!
  • Capt. DemboyCapt. Demboy Member
    6.75 Karma
    Selling Luxo for offer....
  • kurt...kurt... Member
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    Selling pets ^^

    lvl 1 = 5500c
    lvl 4 = 5700c

    lvl 0 = 5700c
    lvl 2 = 5900c

    Hopper lvl 6 = 16000c

    Chick lvl 8 = 39950c
  • ExCelsiusExCelsius Member
    13.55 Karma
    ZRO Kevin is buying doc's Mirror for 65k pure c.....

    Add him if you buy :)
  • EctoYamEctoYam Member
    28.90 Karma
    Buying Spudbuggy car 7k
  • joshx87joshx87 Member
    edited June 2017 1.25 Karma
    Buying dog level 0 (bought)
  • Capt. DemboyCapt. Demboy Member
    6.75 Karma
    Selling luxo for ur price....
  • SepailSepail Member
    27.50 Karma
    Buying turkey pets 5800c each!
  • Capt. DemboyCapt. Demboy Member
    6.75 Karma
    Sepail said:

    Buying turkey pets 5800c each!

    Sepail , add: epieownz
    He sell turkey for 5.5k also check his realm: Epieownz Realm
  • ExCelsiusExCelsius Member
    13.55 Karma
    Selling Blue Fadey Foam 1/1c :D

    Add me if Interested :)
  • MeHawkMeHawk Member
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    i buy Psychic Repulsion Cap, Psychic Revelation Cap, Ghost Gate, Parnormal Index
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