General Trading Thread



  • *MaryMoon**MaryMoon* Member
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    Buyin Darkness (not bottomless) 5k
    Reply here to let me know u sell, if u random add chances are ill turn it down... sry
  • *Night Wolf**Night Wolf* Member
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    WTS a tonne of Halloween stuff.... Yeah ik I'm supposed to say the name and prices but idk them xD come to my shop RappiD's Shop :3
  • CubicMan43CubicMan43 Member
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  • MythologistMythologist Member
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    Selling some new Halloween clothes. Add me in game or visit The Lonely Hole.
  • Jar Jar BinksJar Jar Binks Member
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    I sell noob hats
    If u wanna buy add me: Twistecube
  • PixlrPixlr Member
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    Buying fancy floor, phantom foam, books and accello rings...........i dunno how much these r worth so u tell me just add me i will be on on saturdays.

    I sell accelo-rings at the price of 25c per piece. Just tell me how much vertical/horizontal pieces you need.

  • PixlrPixlr Member
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    Buying gold, 3 per cubit. IGN: CubitScope
  • #Elfie#Elfie Member
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    WTS: Mute Bumper and Quantum Fries Bumper together (Can't seperate, sorry) - 4k
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    Buying a Ton of Swabbie Hats 60(Sixty)C Each; Red Flowers (1000) 1000(one thousand) for 110(one hundred and ten)C
    [edited to correct items and typo on price >.< From now on, SPELLING out numbers, so no typo mistakes that ppl can take advantage of...]
  • Sir John GreySir John Grey Member
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    Unused XL REALMS for cubits

    "Unused"=Not yet placed on floor. No owner yet.
    Price may vary on size
  • supercatmansupercatman Member
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    - iG99 - said:

    WTS: Executioner Mask = 2K,Press Hat = 2.5K
    WTB: Roman Helmet for 2K

    i sell roman :3

  • supercatmansupercatman Member
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    Uraza said:

    WTB CORAL paying 1 coral/1C, need 1000

    I have 14 u can have for free xD
    i have enuff for now, but thanks! :)

    WTB Swabbie Hats (need 10) 75C each and Tricorn Hats (need 4) 1100C each
    Ooh I got some tricornssssss
    umm i have tricorn and swabbies

  • DelocksDelocks Member
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    Selling Trilobyte VIII 2000c
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    I'll trade police hat and 250c for prize dispenser.
    I'm BUYING the prize dispenser.
    Also PM me if you want to trade.
  • $uperplayZ$uperplayZ Member
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    wtb : green cube for 600c and fox tail if u sell just inbox
  • Pickles2001Pickles2001 Member
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    Buying burnt umber pixel blocks for other colored pixel blocks
  • sir mtsir mt Member
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    i sell
    mumy wrap head 2k
    dog 3k c
    50 scrubs 100c each
    blizard stamp 1.5k
  • $uper Tiger$uper Tiger Member
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    SELLING Police caps 400c, Shannon mask 500c.
  • iKONICiKONIC Member
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    Selling Fascinators 75c each
  • Pizza StevePizza Steve Member
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    WTB Pilgrim's Coat and Camo Pants for a reasonable price. PM me with offers, if you're selling
  • sir mtsir mt Member
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    i sell
    mumy wrap head 2k
    dog 3k c
    50 scrubs 100c each
    blizard stamp 1.5k

    blizard 1k c
  • GlobbardGlobbard Member
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    WTB: Camo Pants for 1.3k or offer.
  • ha2ozaha2oza Member
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    I buy pumpkin pet level 0 for 35000c and I buy elf pet level 0 for 5000c
  • gdx6900jc3gdx6900jc3 Member
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    trading b cat lv0 for pumpkin lv0, mssg me if interested
  • $uperplayZ$uperplayZ Member
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    WTS: sun crown for 9.5k
  • ha2ozaha2oza Member
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    i sell sun crown for 7000 cubits and buy pumpkin pet 35000c
  • RootbeerrRootbeerr Member
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    Ha2oZa said:

    i sell sun crown for 7000 cubits and buy pumpkin pet 35000c

    EDIT: Opps, read that wrong nvm.
  • sjoofsjoof Member
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    I buy tons of mannequins if you have some add me in game
  • GlobbardGlobbard Member
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    Sjoof said:

    I want to buy: fossils
    I want to sell: sun crown for 7k and PURPLE SCARF FOR 5K

    Buy your purple scarf for cat lady wig and turkey tail?

    Also... WTS... Angel Wings 4.5k and Camo Pants 1.7k
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