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General Trading Thread

ArchevixArchevix Member
edited July 2016 in Trading Section 19.40 Karma

General Trading Thread

If you have something to sell, but you don't want to create a whole thread for it, then this is the topic for you!

I don't think it's fair that people can really only advertise by creating your own thread. That's why I'm opening this for if you have a standalone sale to make.


  • Don't create a comment selling/purchasing more than two items... two is already a stretch (one is obviously preferred)

  • Only contact another by PM, no posting in thread

  • When you sell your item, edit your comment to "Sold!" / "Purchased!"

  • Follow the forum rules.

WTS: Wanting to sell.
WTB: Wanting to buy.



  • ^Hyperion^^Hyperion^ Member
    5.60 Karma
    Lv.8 snowman for sale!!! Offer what you will buy it for fellow qbees
  • origamibotorigamibot Member
    edited July 2016 23.70 Karma
    Monocol for sale for 250c
    Still waiting:(
  • $uper Tiger$uper Tiger Member
    25.15 Karma
    Iron mask for 6.5k
  • AidenPlayzAidenPlayz Member
    edited July 2016 46.80 Karma
    Selling Dark Angel 9500Cubits - SOLD.
    Buying Gold Ores - BOUGHT.
    Selling Red Rose - SOLD.
  • Swissy DreamerSwissy Dreamer Playing with Asriel,Frisk,And CharaMember
    edited July 2016 60.00 Karma

    Selling a Cut Rose for 2000c - Add me : AidenPlayz
    Can I post something of what am buying? ^>^

    It's named "Trading" So you can :)

  • Selling exe mask 2.5k
    Princess hair for offer
  • RootbeerrRootbeerr Member
    40.45 Karma
    Selling 5k iron 5/c !!!
    Shiek Hat - 200c !!!!
  • BJDwareBJDware Down underRetired Moderator
    108.55 Karma
    Going to pin this for a duration and see how well it does.
  • ArchevixArchevix Member
    edited July 2016 19.40 Karma
  • DeusiusDeusius Member
    edited July 2016 6.65 Karma
    *Done Deal*
  • bluemistbluemist Member
    0.25 Karma
    Selling 5 Easter top hats -
    3,500 each.
  • Pickles2001Pickles2001 Member
    10.40 Karma
    Selling red nose 1200c
  • #Elfie#Elfie Member
    3.75 Karma
    Buying Cowls and Tutus - 10c each
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • KewbinKewbin Member
    13.00 Karma
    Buying Red Bottomless for 2500c
  • DeusiusDeusius Member
    edited July 2016 6.65 Karma
    Buying Cave arts II and Fossils I, II, III and XII. 400c for CA 500c for Fossils
  • MythologistMythologist Member
    edited October 2016 5.40 Karma
    Item bought.
  • scorto7scorto7 BelgiumGame Moderator
    edited July 2016 80.80 Karma
    Edit: As this is not working for me either i'll have to find my stuff on another way.
  • ShadowRenShadowRen Member
    edited July 2016 1.00 Karma
    Buying a clanstone for 5.3k and Suit Jacket. Sorry if the cubits are low, that's pretty much all the c I have...

  • 5.80 Karma
    Buying white marbles! PM me or add me in-game. If you choose to add me in game, tp me as soon as I accept and tell me you're selling it or I won't know! :)
  • MufflonMufflon Member
    22.70 Karma
    WTS> Sheik Hat 900c // Paper Bag Mask 500c (I can modify the prices. no, not that much. just a little bit)
  • a_l_e_x_0_6a_l_e_x_0_6 Member
    edited August 2016 2.80 Karma
    [Sold] Selling a Lvl49 Snowman 39k.
  • DeusiusDeusius Member
    6.65 Karma
    Buying Magisterial Wigs for 200c each or somewhere near that.
    My IGN is Deusius add me if you are selling any.
  • _DaPerson__DaPerson_ CanadaMember
    edited August 2016 12.05 Karma
  • EnderwitherEnderwither Member
    10.20 Karma
    Selling Santa beard-3.5k
    Black and red wiz hat-150c
    PM me if you buy ty :3
  • $uper Tiger$uper Tiger Member
    25.15 Karma
    Selling pharoh chest-4k
    Pharoh hats-400c
    Mute bumper-3k
    79 emralds-20 c each
    White top hat-3k or less.
  • *Snoopie**Snoopie* Member
    16.20 Karma
    Bubbling Cauldron 100-150c each
    PM me if u do sell :3
  • UrazaUraza Member
    edited August 2016 3.25 Karma
  • 106.60 Karma
    I really like this thread and think it is a wonderful idea. It is super convenient, keeps the forums cleaner, and makes buying/selling an easier process.
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