Craft max bug

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It's hard for me explain, but here it goes.
Stair block requires 2 blocks to craft, but if you put 3 blocks and craft max, there is no leftover.
Apparently, All blocks behave the same.


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    Yep same goes for any recipe that has an even number of some material and you place that number + another material. That extra material will be gone lol
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    It is a shame that we need to do the math and place only what is needed to be able to use craft max. Most players haven't even learned their 6x's yet lol. It's like, make a game for young children and require them to use math? Who's to even know because they don't know what 3x18 is anyways so to them it all seems fine right? If they put 56 items in and the recipe is 3 items make 1 product, they think 3x18 is 56 because all of the items are gone.

    I have posted this before but it makes a valid point. We need our leftovers!

    BTW 3x18=54 & not 56

    I happen to have 2 PC's but I don't need to use a calculator. I can just ask Alexa to do the math for me. Amazon Echo voice assistant knows all :).

    Me: "Alexa, what is 3 times 18?"
    Alexa: " 3 multiplied by 18 equals 54."
  • Fluffy BlocksFluffy Blocks Member
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    It's not just the stair blocks, it's also any blocks
  • SpaceChickenSpaceChicken Member
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    Intimate said:

    they don't know what 3x18 is anyways

    Intimate said:

    Me: "Alexa, what is 3 times 18?"


    Anyway this bug (even though it has never happened to me or at least that's what i think)
    is really bad (especially if you are crafting bombs or something complicated like that) because you can just lose items completely and that's not good >:c

  • -JustAlvin--JustAlvin- Member
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    This is not happening to me, example :

    308sand to make sandy block

    there is 2sand left
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