It's a trap event Door

herooverlordherooverlord Member
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i noticed the 2nd event door in It's a trap never reset its more than 24hours+ to me.
other event doors are resetting but this one. only not reset


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  • AshimagariAshimagari The internet :PFamiliarMember, Familiar
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    I don't think that door is necessary for the crafting part of it, so it's not super critical. But yea that does suck lol
  • Mr. SharkMr. Shark Member
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  • Rogue ThingRogue Thing Member
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  • SarcoSarco Member
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    That door produces useless candies so I have eve noticed lmao
  • SilverDashSilverDash Member
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    All of the doors reset after a certain amount of players get candy...
  • SarcoSarco Member
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    That would explain why then.. Or does it? O.o
  • SilverDashSilverDash Member
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    Sarco said:

    That would explain why then.. Or does it? O.o

    Think about sir pixel hollaing... people were getting a ton of candy.
  • herooverlordherooverlord Member
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    hope they fix it soon.. even there r useless i know or maybe they will be useful in the future.
  • b3achyb3achy Member
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    Noticed the same thing with some of the other 'useless' candy doors (Dungeon of Doom, Night Maze, It's a Trap - first door)...I gathered from them this morning, and couldn't get any from them late this evening (even though I could gather from the doors that were used in recipes). I hope it's not a people reset thing like the prize dispensers and is a time thing...I like collecting / visiting the realms with I hope I can get more from them even if the other players decide the 'useless' ones aren't worth collecting from them.
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