GirTheRobot has won the Easter Umbrella October Raffle! Next up: Slyme Costume!

Selling lots of wearable stuff and decos that are limited time stuff. (LOWERED PRICES!)

Da FarmerDa Farmer Member
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I have lots of stuff for sale DM me, comment, or meet me in game to get the items. You can also offer if you don't like the prices.

Grilling Tongs- 1.75k Cubits

Easter Top Hat- 1.9k Cubits

Lady Bug Helmet- 2.5k Cubits

Lady Bug Wings- 5k Cubits

Carrot Hat- 450 Cubits

Blue, Yellow, and Pink Bunny Ears- 200 Cubits (Colors sold separately)

White Boater Hat- 400 Cubits

Lonely Branch- 300 Cubits

I am a Flower!- 450 Cubits

Green, Yellow, Pink, and Purple Floral Crowns- 300 Cubits (Colors sold separately)

Easter Chest- 750 Cubits

Sitting Log- 150 Cubits Each

Sitting Stump- 150 Cubits Each

Rustic Chest- 300 Cubits Each

Spook-inna-box comming soon

Thanks everyone. Put any questions in the comments.


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