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why can't let ice snow ice boulder can't melt?

i need 60k snow i mining them very hard but i got 12k snow and 34k water for 5 hours, i can't effort them so why can't we let ice snow ice boulder won't melt ,we can still melt them by using forge
i hope this can be fixed need update
any thoughts?


  • SawatawananaSawatawanana Member
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    It's a real pain trying to get snow but getting more water instead ._.
  • *Joystick**Joystick* Member
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    Not a bad idea =)
  • U  U Member
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    I agree +1
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    We could have a use for the freezer owo
  • b3achyb3achy Member
    edited September 23 31.35 Karma

    We could have a use for the freezer owo

    Yea, I'd like to be able to make ice (and snow) from water since we can make water from snow.

    Didn't realize the ratio was that high water to snow, as I always get a lot of snow and some water when I'm mining in the Arctic mines...but maybe I'm not paying attention, as I always need water (and usually just bring back the snow to convert it to water).

    ETA (23 Sep 2018): Just went and mined in an Arctic mine, and my ratio was more like 152 water to 287 snow (about what I expected)...maybe you had a really bad RNG experience with your mining for your ratios to be inverted. Still would be nice to have a way to make snow/ice from water, especially with the new freezer.
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    totally support this
  • Log_erLog_er Member
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    A use for the refrigerator?
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    Need waste more time to get snow/ice
  • BediVereBediVere Member
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    It should just not melt when the environment is snowy, then if on other environment will stay the same thing, like mingem havin a chance grtting a water
  • qbee vampireqbee vampire Member
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