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People Damaging on a Cc Computer!?

Molten EvilMolten Evil Member
in Bug Reports 3.50 Karma
The Exe Man Its doing the animation of when u are damaged,If U Look at Screenshot there are the Red Stars Of Daming,i tell it to a friend and he sees too,this is a bug xD?
haks.PNG 65K


  • *Joystick**Joystick* Member
    158.60 Karma
    These have always been there when taking damages >.>
  • KokopelliKokopelli WV, USAMember
    13.80 Karma
    This bug has been around for years, they’re not taking damage, it just looks like it. A harmless bug that isn’t in desperate need of being squished
  • lucaaa795lucaaa795 Potatoe's worldMember
    335.65 Karma
  • BediVereBediVere Member
    20.55 Karma
    PC are dangerous if your overused....
  • Farts Of FuryFarts Of Fury Member
    16.15 Karma
    lucaaa795 said:


    Yes please dont fix it, its fun to be afk like this or even makeing secret entrances
  • Log_erLog_er Member
    33.50 Karma
    Lol if you don't have a good enough cpu or fans to cool your cpu, yeah pc's can be dangerous if overused xD
  • Molten EvilMolten Evil Member
    3.50 Karma
    That its a good reason xD

    (PD:It maybe Explodes at Chrismast :P)
  • U  U Member
    141.85 Karma
    Been around since I started. Didn’t know it was a bug.
  • Mr.GranicusMr.Granicus FamiliarMember, Familiar
    7.25 KarmaFamiliar
    Try to Stump your computer xD
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