Honey's Furniture Suggestion X Thanksgiving Suggestion ❤

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1:Desserts(Added dirty bun!)

2:Wearables(Cat hoodie!Venice mask for masquerade!)

Special:Afk Hat for player know u afk won't disturb ya

3:Yarn Ball(For Cat XD)

4:Home Design Decorations
A:Clock,Just simply clock put it as wreath

B:Wreath(Dream catcher)&Hang Decoration

C:Deluxe Tableware and Dinnerware

D:Furnitures(Cupcake sofa,Dinner Throne,Ditch cover,Shag rug)

E:Hand craft!
Cat tower:2cat kennel+6woodplate+varnish+blue dye+Saws
Pet house for any pet:6White Plaster+Glue+1 any pet kennel+Any Hammer
Russian Doll:6Wood plate+Varnish+grren dye+red dye+Any hammer

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