Ive been scammed :( Rip 60k+c

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well ive been scammed by mackmack...well at firsf it was my bday on march 05 yhen everyone give me expensive gift,and i sell it and i bought vampire outfit (21k) the uv shades (25k) and the valentine wings (23k) well.. I always trust him because he gave me dark wings on my bday..i will let him try my outfit..and then i let him try and he scammed me "( all of my items are now gone...i just waste a bday gift real money(then i bought c from cc)...I just want my items so bad :( well he jas new account now...

Realm name:Kentyy's shop and realm
Itemd been scammed:Vampire outfit(21k)
Valentine wings (23k) and uv shades (25k)

Hes even rich without my items thoo...:(

I trusted him as a bestfriend but hes a scammer :( pls i want my items so bad :(..i just lodt everything from my bday gifts "(

I dont have a proof i forgot to screeshot..but my friends have proof :(


  • arcanteusarcanteus Member
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    Tettt said:

    well... get over it.
    nothing much we can do, just send it in the scam reports section.
    hope they can force the person who took it to give it back to you.

    Hoe can i even get over....I even spent alot of bday gift money on it...
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    How was he your best friend? You knew him for a while? Or did you let him wear it?
  • arcanteusarcanteus Member
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    Bluejay_1 said:

    How was he your best friend? You knew him for a while? Or did you let him wear it?

    I trusted him so much though...i let him wear cuz anytime he borrows he returns it.so i let him borrow and he scamm me :(
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    Post here or try support I guess.
    It's doubtful that items shall be returned though. Never trust people with your items.
    Want to show him your outfit do it on your qbee, not his.
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