I feel like the forums is dead...

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Okay everyone, listen.
This isn't meant as an insult, but I look in sections of the forums and three or four conversations down is a month ago. We need to get the whole cubic castles community on the forums! Making this page active would result in lots of things, including higher scam awareness, trading abilities, shop advertisement, cultural diversity and immersion, and more.
Tell a playing friend to join the forums!
Do you agree?
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    2. No
    3. I'm not sure


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    I just counted down 72 discussions and the latest comment was from today.
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    Yeah where are you getting the forums are dead, they are very active. How many posts/comments are not an accurate representation of the whole because I know there are a lot of quiet peepers >:D!
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    Okay :) Can close this if you would like, admins/mod
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