False Identity (scam attempt)

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Heya forums! So i never usually make forum posts about scammers, I usually notify someone else who will do it because i dint rly get involved in the junk. But today I ran into an old friend who hadn’t played since summer of 2016 (or so i thought). My long time friend was xNexy, he was very involved in community, made loads of events and videos on youtube. Toda i came across someone named XNexyX, my immediate reaction was to ask if it was really him. And he said it was, i told him my name that he knew me as, and i showed him a few things from the past that we did together. Things were looking fine and i was very hapoy to see my old friend again. I started asking more questions, which would be dodged or slightly off, but i didnt think much because it had been 2 years so i gave him a break. Anyway, fter showing him around he started getting comfortable, he saw all of the collections the real xNexy had, and let the lies flow even more. After finally realizing something was up, he confessed. Which i was fine with, but the lies he told me to get what he wanted was really messed up. Take a look at the pic. In the end, i was very upset at what he lied about to get to the stupid items he wanted. I forgot to mention hat a bit earlier i took him to the storage where he had about 2 motley sets, and a bunch of other random rares. I asked him to try and get back on his main account, and of course he tried, or acted like he did. But couldnt. My guess is he was trying to use me to get the items and then leave. Please be aware of who you are friends with, because you never know if its actually your friend or not.


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