Hrothgar's Schmancy-Fancy Trading Thread!

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We buy fancy! We sell fancy! We're the Schmancy-Fancy Trader's!

Care to make a quick cubit? Or maybe thousands? Sell us your schmancy stuff-n'-stuffs!


1. Bottomless - 2.5k - 3k (Or just name your price!)
2. Trunks (Any Type) - 10/c
3. Wands (Any Type) - 10 - 20c each
4. Shirts/Pants - 1c each
5. Old Wood Fence - I dunno, m8.
6. Fossil/Cave Art - 250-350c each idk. (I plan to complete an entire set, so if I buy a Fossil, I won't be buying Cave Art(s) and vice versa :3)

Wanna spend a cubit? Or maybe a million? (naaaaaaaah!) Buy our schmancy aaaaand fancy merchandise!


Executioner's Mask - Name your price

We know when you're asleep! We know when you're awake! Don't worry kids!!

Tom thanks you.


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